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Where can I donate/sell old books and what can you suggest that I do with the rest of my stuff?

I'm leaving soon and I still have a lot of stuff to get rid of. Now I don't know whether to sell them or keep them 1st (am looking into a place where I can store them). Know of any good and cheap storage rooms for rent in Makati City?

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    1. Garage Sale

    2. You didn't say where in Makati you are. But you can probably donate or participate in the "ukay ukay" sale that goes every Sunday in Sacred Heart church near the Makati Fire station.

    3. Sell your books at Booksale. This is their contact details: , (632) 824-0947, 776 0230 (c/o Ms. Janny Dimatangal),

    4. Donate your children-safe books to any public elementary school in your area.

    I don't know of any storage rooms for rent in Makati, sorry.

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    I would say get rid of it..... have a garage sale, post some things on craigslist............ more than likely, you're never going to break them out again........... use the money that you get from selling it to buy new things instead of paying for storage to keep the old things.

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    Based from experience, what is stored will remain 90% unused. It is easier to get a new set of dishes, for example, than to rummage through a pile of boxes in a very warm storage room.

    The local church usually gladly accepts donation such as clothes, utensils.

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    Depends what kind of books you got.

    Donate it to public schools.

    With regards to other stuff you got, bring it to DSWD and donate it.

    If it is quite expensive and you want to covert it to cash, post a note outside of your house for garage sale.

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    Garage sale. You will find that when you have moved and furnished a new place, you might not want your old stuff. Of course except those that you actually collected.

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    your books and also your other things you can donate that to a nearest public school in your place.

    Children can use your books as reading materials.

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    how about having a garage sale?

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    gave it to the needy ones

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