what is Dual Voice Coil?

is it important

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    Well to put it in simplest terms, the voice coil is basically what creates the sound in a speaker. Dual voice coil speakers, logically, have 2 voice coils instead of one. It's important if you're running a higher performance audio system where you're trying to maximize performance by taking advantage of the various wiring schemes that are available when you employ dual voice coil speakers. The whole thing can get pretty tricky and tough to follow unless you understand electrical resistances.

    Basically, if you are going for high performance audio then dual coil speakers can be a great benefit depending on the other equipment you're using. However, they aren't required to have a high performance audio system and they don't necessarily give better sound than a single voice coil speaker.

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    The ONLY reason dual voice coil drivers were made is so that you have more wiring options.... does it perform better? Nope. Does it sound better? Nope. Can it handle more power? nope!

    Here is an example.

    If you have a single voice coil driver that is 4 ohms.... thats all you can do.

    But lets say you have a dual 2 ohm driver, well now you can wire it to 1 ohm in parallel 2 ohm while shorting one coil, or 4 ohm in series. So now you have 3 different impedances to use instaed of 1.

    Good Luck

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    The coil is the element of the speaker that moves the cone using magnetics fields. a dual voice coil is like having 2 speakers built into a single one, it has two coils working simultaneously.

    Go to this site to see an amimation of how excatly a speaker works.


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    it is kinda complicated to explain but what it does is allow you to wire it so that it lowers the ohms so you can get the max out of your amp for example. a 500watt amp at 2 ohms will only put out 250watts at 4 ohms, so if you have a 4ohm single voice coil sub you would only get the 250 watts but if you have a 4 ohm dual voice coil sub then you can wire the voice coils together to make it 2ohms so that you can get the full power out of your amp.

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    pretty much it has two voice coils in the sub instead of just one. This give you more wiring options in how many ohms you can have. It depends on the amp you are running on how many ohms that you want. If you tell use what amp you are running and the sub you are looking at we can tell you if it is a good match. Here is a diagram on how to wire your sub to your amp. http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/woofer_configura...

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