who was the 2 president of the united states?

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    John Adams 1797-1801 (not John Quincy Adams) is generally considered to be the second president of the United States.

    But, that is really not the case.

    The first President was REALLY John Hanson.

    Who? Well, the first President under the Constitution was George Washington. But that was not until 1789. You might recall that the declaration of independence was in 1776, then we won the war. So, who was the President from 1781 (after we won) until 1789>

    First, John Hanson:

    From 1781 to 1782 he was "President of the United States in Congress Assembled" under the Articles of Confederation. As the presiding officer of Congress, Hanson was responsible for initiating a number of programs that helped American gain a world position. During his tenure the first consular service was established, a post office department was initiated, a national bank was chartered, progress was made towards taking the first census, and a uniform system of coinage was adopted. As "President," Hanson also signed a treaty with Holland affirming the indebtedness of the United States for a loan from that country. In addition, he signed all laws, regulations, official papers, and letters.


    The second president was Elias Boudinot. He did far less than did Hanson, but he was the first to sign a treaty on behalf of the United States (with England, ending the war formally).

    Remember, tho, that these folks (and the government itself) had far less power than the government under the later-ratified Constitution.

    But, the country was not a vacuum. While the Articles of Confederation were replaced (they proved to be unworkable), the correct answer to your question is:

    Elias Boudinot, serving (what was then the normal) ONE YEAR TERM from November 1782-1783.

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    John Adams

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    John Adams, father of John Quincy Adams who was the 6th president.

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    you mean the 2nd? John Adams of Massachusetts, not to be confused with his son John QUincy Adams who was #6 President

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    Under the Constitution, it was John Adams.

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    Elias Boudinot

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    john adams is the 2nd president

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    Abraham Lincoln

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    John Adams if you mean 2nd

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    The two president of the USA was "W" and Dick Cheney!

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