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My cat got his vaccinations. What is a "DRC-C" Annual Vaccination?

He got DRC-C and rabies. He is strictly indoor.

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    Distember, Rhinotrachititis, Calici and Chlamydia. I give the first three to all of my indoor-only cats. The Chlamydia is for a upper respiratory infection and doesn't really provide much protection because the immunity it provides is very short-lived. For an adult cat, the Chlamydia probably won't do any harm. Most vets in my area only carry "four way" vaccines (that include Chlamydia) like this one, anyhow.

    Source(s): I'm a cat breeder.
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  • 3 years ago

    Its for distemper. My cat is also an indoor cat & my vet told me it was the LAW for a cat to have its Rabies shot.

    I would definately recommend getting a distemper. Go online & look to see what all can happen to a cat if it doesn t get the distemper.

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