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Internet Access Problems?

I have a D-Link router and three computers connected wirelessly. My main computer, the one in which D-Link router is set up completely on has now stopped being able to access the internet through it. The other two have no problem getting online and I can't find a solution to the problem. The main computer has no difficulty getting online when I use a seperate, old modem, so why has it suddenly stopped working via the router?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you've already checked to make sure that your ethernet cable isn't bad, and if you're able to access the other computers through the network, then I suspect that your browser might be being hijacked. There are some free tools that you can use to search for and fix spyware and adaware:

    Spybot S&D can be found at

    Adaware can be found at

    Hijackthis (be careful with this one... it can delete things that you need) can be found at

    With Hijackthis, if you're in doubt, post the results on a messageboard that deals with computer problems... there are many people willing to tell you what to delete and what to keep.

    Bazooka Scanner can be found at

    Bazooka doesn't fix problems, but it will detect them and usually has a link to instructions on how to manually remove the offending malware

    If you have a virus scanner, run a virus scan also (and if you don't, get one)

    Since you don't an internet connection on that computer, you'll have to download the software on anopther computer and transfer it to this one, either through the network if you have it set up to share files, or by putting it on removable media (Writable DVDs or CDs are two examples... a flashdrive would be easier if you have one)

    Hope this helps :)

    And make sure that you do updates for all of these programs before scanning.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I blame it on the router, maybe the plugin thingy were you are connecting your computer is broken.

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  • 1 decade ago

    u use D-Link? its not good. believe me. sometime d-link can be unstable. sometimes can lose connection itself. not good brand.

    im experienced it my self

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