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If I could only get ONE game for the Xbox 360, what should I get and why?

Only for games that are already out, not upcoming games.

Please explain your answers

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    yeah, it depends on your taste.

    TPS(Third Person Shooter): Gears of war,, there is no other TPS game that can beat gears of war(well, in my opinon). GREAT storyline, online is awesome, graphics are UNBELIEVEABLE.

    FPS(First Poerson Shooter): any Halo game, any Call of Duty game (both great series, Halo 1:Good single player, Halo 2 good online. COD 2: good single and multplayer, COD 3 Good online) Both good military game series, but for great FPS game thats not military Get The Darkness.(Havn't really played it, not sure if its FPS, looks like a great game though.)

    Racing: Honestly Im not a big fan of racing games, but right now Dirt or forza motorsport 2)

    Music: Guitar Hero II is really the only good music game for xbox 360, its fun, but VERY addicting.

    Fighting Games(i.e. Dead or Alive 4): This is a great fightiing game, although it is not very balanced line the before dead or alive games. still a great game in the fighting genre.

    Fighting + Music: Def Jam Icon, great idea of using music s your weapon, great fan of the def jam series.

    Survival Horror: Until Resident Evil 5 or Alan Wake comes out on the 360, your best bet is Deadrising.

    RPG: oblivion is one of the greatest games for the xbox 360, it can be first person or third person, great graphics, huge environment, over 200 hours of gameplay.

    Sports: Well, other people like different types of sports so Heres the list:

    Basketball: NBA 2k7 or NBA Live 07 (for college get NCAA 2k7, or NBA Homecourt.

    Football: Madden 07 (great game in the madden series)

    Baseball: The Bigs (Not a fan of baseball, but its the newest one out.)

    Snowboarding: Amped 3 (played the demo, very fun.)

    Skaeboarding: Tony Hawk Project 8 (VERY fun, so many things to do in this game, lots missions (havnt played it in a while don't even know if they are called missions :P) so many tricks to do.

    Hockey: NHL 2k7: (I do not like hockey, newest hockey game out)

    Soccer:Fifa 07(Newest Soccer game out)

    Boxing: Fight Night Round 3 (Graphics are AMAZING, very fun also.)

    Wrestling: WWW Smackdown vs. Raw 07 (Good wrestling game, manyn moves and wrestlers to choose from, good storyline, if you like seeing hot animated women wrestle get Runble Roses XX.

    Tennis : Top Spin 2

    Movies: A good game bases on a good movie, hmmmm this also kinda depends on what kind of movie you like, so ill kind of put a blank on this one.

    GTA based games(dont really know the name of this kind of genre): Saints Row.

    Fantasy: Probably Project Sylpheed.

    I know you just wanted one game.....but well heres a list of good games xD

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    If there is not an age restriction on the game you wish to get then I recommend getting either Halo 2 (if you have xbox live) or Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (if you do not have xbox live). Halo 2's online mode is enough to keep you hooked for years to come, but with Halo 3 on the verge, I would still recommend getting GTA: Sand Andreas. The storyline is very extensive (over 100 missions) and even after you beat the game (which took me about a year to do) there are still bonuses to unlock in the game. Plus with the extensive amounts of cheats for San Andreas, it can keep you busy for hours without actually even doing a mission.

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    Depends on what you are into.

    For FPS, Gears of War cannot be beat. Awesome game. Also, Rainbow Six: Vegas is awesome as well...Im having fun with the terrorist hunts (not story mode, which is also cool - and hard).

    For driving games, DiRT has been awesome and challenging - if you like racing. And, its not just dirt - some pavement and asphault racing too.

    For RPGs, Oblivion is amazing.

    Halo 3 hasnt been released yet...

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    I am going to buy the XBOX 360 for one game only: Oblivion. I've been playing Morrowind on regular XBOX for about 5 years,and I still find new and exciting things to do in it. I hear that Oblivion is just like that but bigger and even better!

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    Depends on your interests. If your into the shooting type games HALO is definitly the way to go. If youre into driving I would try Project Gotham Racing. If you like shooting and driving try Full Auto. Also if you are a music fan Guitar Hero 2 is the game for you!

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    I would say Halo. I have only played it a few times and I don't really like it but all the guys I have ever know who have the game are addicted to it and think it's the best game ever. They especially like to play online against other people.

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    i would go with elder scrolls 4 oblivion becuz it has at least 200 hours of gameplay it has alot of side quests u can do if u get tired of playing the main story line u can switch inbetween first and third person mode u can use swords bows staffs and alot of different item and alot of stuff u can download of of xbox live need i go on

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    The new rainbow six game. Because its fun and it hold enough challenge that you wont beat it in a week, and the online playing is fun too. That or gears of war.

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    wow i can believe almost nobody said gears of war that game is awsome its relistic with gettin a headshot and everything! thats a good game if u like shooting and stuff and dead rising u get to kill zombies with anything u see lmao its so fun thats a good game for when ur mad or somthin and theres alot of blood and gore

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    that is purely preference, if you like shooters, halo or call of duty are the way to go, if you like realistic shooters, call of duty or gears of war are good, if you like zombie killing, dead rising is a good game, or if you like racing, try project gotham, or dirt, or if you like survival games, lost planet is a great game.

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