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I read on Ceefax that Bangladesh firms supplying Tesco and Asda are paying employees less than 4p (8c)/ hr?

The two UK companies said they were investigating (of cause). But why did they not do so before being exposed?

Not long ago a Saudi couple living in London were arrested for keeping their maid servant a slave.

Why is it that, in a religion where people pray 5 tmes a day, we see the worst abuses to human rights?


simhu and jammah,

Read my question again. I was not expecting Bangladesh wages to equal US ones, but 8c per hour is criminal by any standards and I bet the facrory owner who pays them is a multimillionaire. But as long as there are people like you to think of excuses and then go and pray to a just God, these exploitations will persist.

Inciedentally Western buyers involved, Tesco and Asda, admitted their wrong and are investigating. It will do you good to stop and think sometimes too.

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  • Hafiz
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    I am amazed at the lopsided comparison that you made when comparing wages of Bangladesh with those prevailing in UK, USA and such developed countries of the world.

    It is true that some of the local garments manufacturers of 100% export oriented factories are not complying with 'accepted' minimum wages as set after negotiation between workers, owners and some other representatives from government and NGOs.

    However, it is useless to compare the minimum wages prevailing in any developed country as 'standard' for all the countries of the world, particularly the developing countries like Bangladesh.

    Consider my case, back in 1991 I was appointed as Application Engineer (AE) of a world renowned MNC having its South East Asian operation located at Singapore. They were paying me about Sing Dollar (S$) 500 only when the Singaporean AE's starting salary was S$2000. Thereafter, in July 1994 when I was promoted as GM my salary was enhanced to S$2000, whereas the Manager's salary in Singapore was S$4000. Wasn't that "abuses to human rights" and in violation to ILO convention?

    The reality on the ground is that the prices of the garments export are not fixed by any regulatory authorities and these are manipulated by world renowned Buyers like Wal-Mart, TESCO, and ASDA etc. So, when the C&M was say approx US$12/dozen for any category of garments in 1980s which have come down to US$4/dozen in 2000s; would you expect that the manufacturers are only responsible if they are unable or unwilling to pay the minimum wages as per the set standards?

    Therefore, please do not shed crocodile's tear (sorry for the harsher words) and blame only one party in the game where the 80% manipulation is done by the Buyers themselves who are very well monitoring this and that compliances before finalizing any deal with the manufacturers here in Bangladesh. I'm sure this would hold true for other developing countries too.

    Let us hope that some sanity would prevail and the ultimate sufferers (workers working day and night in factories) are given minimum dignity to live like any workers of the world.

  • jammal
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    the analogy is not an apposite one here.

    Bangladesh is one of the 7 poorest countries in the world and should not be compared with first ranked countries. generally speaking ,when comparisons are to be made, the PURCHASE POWER PARITY of the money in a certain country should be taken in consideration,it is an important indicator ,s.times ,it is reffered to as Big Mac indicator, based on how much a big mac costs in different countries,can give an idea to comparisons to be made.

  • Anonymous
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    That is unconscionable.

    Wal-mart's Chinese suppliers are funding al-Queda, so

    things just suck everywhere!

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