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♥Im going 2 get a new puppy but i cant decide what kind i what 2 get! do u have a good tpy of dog breed 4 me!

i cant think!

I like SMALL dogs!

can u also HELP me pick out a name! i cant think!

PLEASE add pics of the dogs breed! IF U CAN!

p.s. it is going 2 be a female!♥


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    If you're not particular on which breed you want you should go to a rescue shelter and pick out a puppy that you like. :) They have plenty of small dogs and pups that are very adorable and just looking for a good home.

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    peek-a-poo. Pekinese and poodle. OMG sooo cute!!! weigh up to 5lbs to 20lbs. Small cute and has a cute personality

    Country of Origin: This is a cross between the Pekingese and the Miniature Poodle. Not a recognized breed.

    Size: Shoulder height: Please refer to the breeds that make up this cross to determine possible sizes.

    Coat: Average shedder.

    Character: Friendly dog. Loves the family. Intelligent.

    Temperament: Wary of strangers. Protective of family. Socialize early. Should get along with other animals.

    Care: Brush occassionaly. Bathe when necessary.

    Training: Consistent, loving training.

    Activity: This is an active dog. Enjoys walks and play.

    Look up pictures on the web...

    sooooo adorable!!!

    name her








    Casey Abby








    Shelby Sophie





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    Try A Animal Shelter And SAVE One Animal Shelters KILL Thier Dogs After 2 WEEKS! They Have All Sorts Of Sweet Dogs! BIG AND SMALL! FEMALE TO!

    And Suzie, LuLu, Maya And Star Along With Jessie Are Popular Female Dog Names!

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    A tea cup poodle they are small and not so skiddish like a chihuahua They stay scared and are get sick a lot. All so try a Dachshund there are miniture ones as well. Just search dog breeds on line with pics and they will show all types of dogs! Hope this helps!

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    I agree with going to the human society if you are not interested in a pure bread and some times they get pure breads or you could go to a breeds rescue site it really depends on your personality and life style weather you would want a low maintenance or high maintenance low key like shih tzu or high key like jack russell terrier do research on any dog you are interested in to make sure you know all about them so you have no surprises there are many good sites on the Internet about different breeds of dogs as far as a name you should wait till you get your little one to see her personality before naming

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    Go to a website that asks you questions about yourself and what you want from a dog and you will get some idea of what breed would be good with you.

    Do some breed research on your own - having dogs is a big responsibility, it would be nice if you learned about the breed you do get, how to take care of it, what its needs are.

    Don't be lazy, do some research online, don't ask other people to do it for you.

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    google "dog breed selector" there are many of them out there, you put in info like the amount of grooming, exercize, small dog/big dog, etc.. it comes up with breeds that match your lifestyle best based off what you tell it. That can help you choose a breed from there. Read up abit on some of the first breeds the selector suggests and see if you like them.

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    I'm not sure if this post got through, I went off line in the middle. so, I'll try again. I love poodles, and bichons are also good pets. they're relatively small, and don't shed, which means that they will require grooming from time to time.

    as far as names, I had a white toy poodle, and her name was "Maggie". I would be honoured if you would consider that name for your pup.

    you can do google searches to see what breeds catch your interest, and remember, pet poodles don't wear show haircuts.

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    You need to get yourself a book about ALL breeds; like the encyclopedia of dogs. and sit down and read the requirements of each breed and decide for yourself what breed fits your lifestyle. This book also has pictures.

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    Since you like small dogs, a pomeranian, would be great!! We have lots of them and they make adorable pets!! I think it would be better to get a boy and a girl (if you want), because if you want pups from them you would not want to have trouble thinking who to get the girls to mate with. Note: Do not get two dogs from the same parents to mate. It would cause incestuous pups and they would be deformed or have serious side effects.

    For the names I think you could go with Snowy (if white) Shorty, Angel, Rover, and maybe Kassy. Enjoy ur new dogs!! :D:D:D

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