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Worms vs Viruses - on computers - What's the difference?

I have a Mac and use Tiger - the most current op system. Do I need extra protection against worms/viruses?

What does a worm do?

What does a virus do?

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  • Danlow
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    1 decade ago
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    What is a virus?

    A computer virus is a small program written to alter the way a computer operates, without the permission or knowledge of the user. A virus must meet two criteria:

    * It must execute itself. It often places its own code in the path of execution of another program.

    * It must replicate itself. For example, it may replace other executable files with a copy of the virus infected file. Viruses can infect desktop computers and network servers alike.

    Some viruses are programmed to damage the computer by damaging programs, deleting files, or reformatting the hard disk. Others are not designed to do any damage, but simply to replicate themselves and make their presence known by presenting text, video, and audio messages. Even these benign viruses can create problems for the computer user. They typically take up computer memory used by legitimate programs. As a result, they often cause erratic behavior and can result in system crashes. In addition, many viruses are bug-ridden, and these bugs may lead to system crashes and data loss.

    What is a worm?

    Worms are programs that replicate themselves from system to system without the use of a host file. This is in contrast to viruses, which requires the spreading of an infected host file. Although worms generally exist inside of other files, often Word or Excel documents, there is a difference between how worms and viruses use the host file. Usually the worm will release a document that already has the "worm" macro inside the document. The entire document will travel from computer to computer, so the entire document should be considered the worm W32.Mydoom.AX@mm is an example of a worm

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    hi, Had an analogous concern. think of I have been given rid of it this morning. Boot into secure Mode (carry F8 untill you get the recommendations). I checked all folders / records that have been changed because of the fact that I final logged on and privateness protection took over my table appropriate. Rename all suspicious records (there are some txt records and .dat), first few are in C:domicile windows itemizing (verify any others you think of do no longer look correct and function an analogous time stamp). merely upload a be conscious to the top of the record so which you would be able to alter it back in case you renamed the incorrect record. you will then might desire to delete the privateness protection .exe. you are able to verify this is area by observing the properties on the own computing gadget short shrink it created. Mine became C:purchasers"consumer"AppDataRoaming. wish this works for you. I even have had an hour with out any sign of it yet, palms crossed :) Edit: playstation - think of this began from an stressful Adobe Flash replace that would open distinctive domicile windows UAC concurrently. have been given unwell of it and at last stated sure. in basic terms because of the fact that then did I even have privateness protection on my pc. have not had the Adobe Flash replace UAC open because of the fact that doing the above...

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    having extra protection is no harm but better.

    both cause same damage but virus work faster than worms, but worms slowly but total damage. some of them unrepaired...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They both do the same damage.

    Worms self propagate...

    Viruses need human intervention to spread.

  • 1 decade ago

    DanLow is right on !

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