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Christians have been manipulated, en masse, to support in crimes against humanity (crusades/holocaust)........

Can Atheists be as easily manipulated, en masse, to support crimes against humanity?

Can christians be so manipulated again in the future?

Isn't there something about charismatic personality cults (which is what christianity is) that makes them particularly vulnerable to demagogues like Hitler (bearing in mind that if not for support from christians, Hitler would never have come to power)?

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    Not my hand...

    I am not weak willed, not weak spirited or not weak in mind...

    I will not be manipulated, I am not manipulated.

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    The Crusades were a series of military conflicts of a religious character waged by Christians during 1095–1291, most of which were sanctioned by the Pope in the name of Christendom.[1] The Crusades originally had the goal of recapturing Jerusalem and the sacred "Holy Land" from Muslim rule and were originally launched in response to a call from the Eastern Orthodox Byzantine Empire for help against the expansion of the Muslim Seljuq dynasty into Anatolia.[2][3]

    - noble cause

    The U.S. fought against Hitler. The U.S. is primarily a Christian nation. You cannot put Christians and Hitler in the same group. We are not those Christians. We are us. We have different convictions. That's why there are so many denominations. I'm not Catholic.

    Source(s): wiki
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    You need to review your history lessons. What occured in the 1960's was this: The land was controlled by Britain. Britain did not allow the Jews to possess weapons or to form an army until they turned control of the land over to the Jews. The Jews, apparently, recognized their situation and began stockpiling weapons before Britian turned possession over to them. In so doing, they were prepared to defend themselves against an attack. The attack came the day Britain stepped away. Instead of being over run by their attackers, they pushed the aggressors back into their borders and moved deeper into that land and took possession of a portion of it. The Jews did not attack, they counter-attacked. There is a difference. Now, look at more recent history. Time after time, Israel has been attacked by Palestine. Israel retaliated. Palestine "cried" and Israel withdrew. The agression has, generally speaking, been on the part of the Palestinians, not Israel. Do I support Israel? I'm not sure. But, I will not even suggest that anyone take away their ability / right to defend themselves against forgien agression. Respectfully, Terry How could Britian have colonized a country called Palestine if, as you say, Palestine has never been a country?

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    not every christian sect is a cult.

    even atheists can be manipulated.

    hitler was a fan of the occult and was slowly weaning Germany off of Catholicism because as he said ' mary was a jewish whore and jesus a jewish bastard'.

    Charles Manson began his reign in a secular fashion, but soon had his 'children' believing he was Jesus (JC for short). then he convinced them he was Satan. Finally he was both Jesus and Satan in one body.

    he could have easily pciked up an atheist and turned them into a believer (although they'd believe he was a god)

    many restrictive forms of government outlaw religion and replace god with a leader. Lenin was preserved so he could be the USSR's religious symbol in place of Jesus. Pol Pot in Cambodia never spoke of religion, but had people kill millions of their fellow citizens.

    anyone with charisma can ensnare people. religion is merely a tool, not the actually creed for these people. if they want to bring atheists to their ranks they will find something to appeal to them. typically after religion is used a tool, money (which most people, even atheists, worship) comes next

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    I have to give you are very prolific at spouting your bile. If you don't believe in any God or think religion is mind control, that's fine. I have read quite a few of your questions and although they're worded differently they all say the same thing: You hate all religion and are intolerant of religious people. Scratch that, you never say much that's bad about most just hate Christians.

    In the final analysis, the only real difference between you and most of the trolls I see on Y! is that you know how to spell.

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    No one has been manipulated.

    Just blunders and slip-ups with human errors created back in the past centuries.

    Luke 10.24

    The best kept dirty little secrets of the past dirty old men over the loss of the missing x-files that was lost with time being expose in the new millenium after the mystery of us-911.

    Luke 19.9-10

    The misery were expose by our creator.

    Luke 8.17

    The blunders and slip-ups with human errors can only be trace with the missing key in making the break through.

    Source(s): decoded from the missing x-files.
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    I would chance to bet that some of your ancestors were Christian. That means you are not innocent either--unless you agree that each is responsible for their own actions. I do agree that many evil things are done in the name of God and Jesus, but this is not to say that all Christians are evil. A Christian is someone who follows Jesus and He never killed or hurt anyone.

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    the carrot of ultranationalism, communism, the chance to "improve" the world.

    that's ********. economic depression and countersocialism were the main reasons for hitler's ascent. go to high school before you talk.

    maybe if you knew anything (i guess they dont teach this in school so u have a small excuse), then you would know that stalin and mao did much more than hitler in numbers.

    and the japanese were more brutal than nazis, but im gettng off topic here.

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    The trait that allows both Christian and non-Christians to do such horrible acts is man's nature. Men are not inherently good; thus, they need some direction, hopefully they have good parents.

    It is easy for both of us to recognize the fact that men are easily duped.

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    Manipulating Atheists en masse would be like herding cats. Our beliefs (other than no god) are so diverse. What carrot could be used?

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    Yes I agree with some you're a Christian hater don't you? The Japs who attack the Pearl Harbor and killed so many men, women and childrean in Asian nation were not Christians.

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