Im shipping out a package to Canada. When I went to the post office, they told me there's no way to track?

once it leaves the U.S. I know this was a lie because there has to be a way. Does anybody know what's the cheapest service I should use with USPS (that I could also add some kind of tracking to)? I am returning clothing....less than 1 lb. Somebody please help me....I went online but got an estimate of $30. Thanks!

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    Once it leaves the US, it will be in the custody of the foreign postal service...and so I don't believe it can be tracked. Delivery confirmation may be an option, though.

    Your best bet, if you want real tracking, would be to ship it UPS.

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    Instead of tracking by delivery confirmation, which Canada won't do for the USA, send it with "return signature". That way you know it got there.

    In the states, the postman scans the bar code on the package when he delivers it. Canada does not participate in it.

    If you get a signature confirmation, you know it was delivered.

    A "certificate of mailing" is proof that it was sent, but not proof that it was received. It is much cheaper though.

    You can also send packages with delivery confirmations from UPS - United Parcel Service, Fed Ex, or DHL.


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    If you send it regular USPS mail there is no tracking number, but you can do registered mail and that should be where they make the receiver sign when they get your package and then they send you something back in the mail so you know you got it. I also believe that if you send it priority, they have to sign for it so you can look it up online.

    But, since the post office is pretty bad try UPS or FedEx.

    Source(s): I work at a shipping store.
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    you could ship it via Fedex that way you will

    have a tracking number

    USPS I belive only has tracking for express packages


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