Software patenting.?

Hi all;

I wrote a small software and plan to sell it. My question is should I try to get it patented; I heard it would takes much time, efford and money to patent somrthing.

I personally don't like the idea of software patenting, but would like to hear your advise if you have known someone who tried.


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    1 decade ago
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    Ugg. Software patents are evil.

    As you probably know, software is nothing more than a mathematical algorithm. A set of instructions. Under US law, these things are not patentable, so using common sense, software is not either. However, many judges do not seem to understand this. So, in many countries software has become patentable. In the US, it is debatable, but software patents seem to be getting some support from the courts. Most of these patents are on trivial features, and the existence of this patents is slowing down the tech industry.

    Putting my opinions aside, it is not practical to patent it anyways. You would pay a fortune in legal fees (it is not even clear if it is possible, remember? Takes a struggle to get it approved, and still might be deemed invalid later). You can, however, copyright it. In fact, under more stupid US laws, it is copyrighted unless you say otherwise.

    Once again shoving my opinions in, it is really better not to copyright software. Distribute it freely, allow others to build upon it and tweak it for their needs. Join the free software movement, release your code under the General Public Licence 3. This allows your code to be freely distributed and built upon. Note that you cannot sell programs released under GPL.

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    If it's a good program, than just copyright it. However, if it's just a work in progress or part of the way done, you should definitely distribute it for free.

    And I'm all for the free software movement. I think that all software should be free except games. Everything else should be %100 free, even OS's. I wouldn't even run windows except for the games.

    Free software for all.

    (Until that time comes I still encourage you to sell yours)

  • 1 decade ago

    GPL software should be free for everyone

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