Procter & Gamble HELP!?

Does anyone work for Procter & Gamble here?????


I'm a student and have chosen to research this well acclaimed company for school.

I have a few questions to ask and I would greatly appreciate if anyone who works there can provide me with solid, true answers!!


1. Historically speaking, how has the lives of the founders (William& James) impacted the lives of people (ie: charities/donations/job opportunities...)?

2. How has the lives of the founders been impacted by these people?

*for those who work there, these questions are specifically addressed to you :)

3. Why did you choose to work for P& G? What was it about that company that led you to work for them?

4. What is your position at the company (if you want, you can provide a name) and how many years have you worked for P&G?

5. What are your opinions about that firm (P&G)?

6. How do you feel P&G is contributing to society?

That's all!! I did try to e-mail this company for answers to these questions but was unsuccessful.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi sweetheart. Be sure to include in your nifty report that P&G is the world's number tester of dogs and animals alike. Look into that- you'll be fascinated. Protests are held 24/7 outside test site facilities. That's why there is still that 2% of the US that does not buy any of the firm's products.

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