Wireless Access Point?

I have a WAP54GX wireless access point and I need to know how to connect ot it so that I can configure it. However, I have 2 different access points in my house and I don't know how to choose the one I want to connect to. What do I do?

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    1 decade ago
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    Usually, you may access your wireless router(which is creating a wireless access point) through

    - opening web browser

    - typing home on address line

    Or command prompt (Start -> Run -> type command + Enter)

    On opened black screen, type ipconfig. You will find your default gateway IP address - something like

    Then, type this address on address line of the browser.

    So, if you are connected to your wireless route, now you may configure it.

    Ipconfig will let you know, on which access point you are connected now.

    If you are not connected to any, you may still configure your wireless router through connecting it to your PC/laptop with cable. Use the procedure above.

    For more info, refer your router's manual.

    Good luck!

  • GTB
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    1 decade ago

    Check the manual. Assign each a different static IP address and access each by its distinct static IP address.

    Be sure to remove the Wireless Access Points from the dynamic IP address pool.

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    Linksys has excellent customer service, and is willing to help you set up and operated their stuff 24/7. They are also helpful with any special needs that you may have, ie; VPN's and other stuff. They have a download and FAQ on their site too.

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    You should probably contact your Router's Customer Support to set it up. Because I can not see the installation. Good Luck,

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