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Should all economic aid from the United States be cut off to Mexico?


Actually Joe R: Thats why i said we need to find a way NOW to ANNEX ALL OF MEXICO and TURN IT INTO A STATE OF OUR UNION. This in itself would create an economic boom of biblical proportions if we were to do this. Plus every mexican could BECOME LEGAL US CITIZENS enabling our government almost unlimited capital and private and state government infrastructure investment opportunities off the charts. The PEOPLE OF MEXICO wouldn't have to give up their culture nor their flag. It would just become a state flag.

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    we cant - not yet - the amero doesnt exist

    currently the peso is valued to the dollar which is value to the oil imports - interruption would be a problem

    unfortunately though - i think the amero is closer then people believe - you see - mexico has already reached peak oil - now - althoough they are still selling - there is less an dless of i tto sell - when its gone the NAU will need to be in place and the amero will need to be in place

    If they are - there could be some rather rough times ahead - even more so then if the pieces were in place as we will have a massive influx of immigrants crossing the border

    so many - that the government wont be abl;e to do anything about it - this will drive the economy down as our government wont make the necessary changes to cope

    eventually the market will work itself out - but not until the devastation has already taken place

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    There is NO economic aid from the US to Mexico!

    Assuming you mean the kind voted on by Congress, like the money we give to Egypt, Israel, and some other African countries annually.

    If you mean that the US has long - under both Dems and

    Repubs - turned a blind eye to illegal immigration so as to prevent a strong revolutionary movement from arising in Meixco (the most desperate and ambitious folks there cross the border) then of course we "give" them lots of aid. IE. we support their corrupt governments.

    Ditto for the almost 20 year old NAFTA deal, which allows free trade between the Big 3 N. American nations. The big Mexican capitalists (like Carlos Slim) have benefitted tremendously from NAFTA. If has, howver, hurt the US.

    But there is no DIRECT foreign aid to Mexico.

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    consistent with threat you do no longer understand the term disaster. If all and sundry is waiting for something which could bypass incorrect, it isn't any longer a disaster, it is an inconvenience. Katrina does not have been as undesirable if the Louisiana national shelter hadn't been in Iraq. It grew to become right into a disaster. The wealthiest u . s . a . in the worldwide botched it. We had the climate. We did no longer have the knowledgeable human beings waiting by fact of judgements made via human beings we estimated to do their jobs. alleviation must be well timed with a view to maintain lives. It wasn't. Is California waiting for a 9.0 earthquake? no longer even close. Will there be one? Oh yeah!

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    We buy oil from them so I doubt there will be any changes in immigration. Kind of a catch 22. We allow them in or Mexico wont sell us oil.

    That is oversimplified but you can get the gist of it. American dollars do go to Mexico in the form of money sent home by workers in the US. This is probably a major part of Mexico's economy is its citizens sending money back home.

    If we watch the borders, hit the employers hiring illegals, and deport the ones caught, it will take care of quite a bit of the problem and eventually dry up the market of US employers hiring illegals.

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    Like mentioned above (or below), you could cut off economic aid if you wanted to create a larger vacuum -bringing more immigrants here.

    If anything, we should open the border and invest in Mexico. You could basically turn northern mexico into another Arizona -as horrible as another Phoenix sounds.

    Source(s): my source is common sense
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    I would say yes. Since illegals working in the USA basically fund the towns they are from. I dont see why we should give money to the corrupt politicians.

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    Yes, absolutely it should be done. The illegal alien situation is justification alone. If they cannot control their people then why provide them aid?

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    no. that would make illegal imigration much worse. think of it, if your children were starving because you couldn't get a decent job, would you let them die, or cross a fence? the better mexico is, the better imigration will be.

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    No, that would simply increase the level of illegal immigrants landing on our shores.

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