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s_e_e asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 decade ago

If you could be any profession what would it be?

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    Interesting question. I have considered many in my life: architecture, animation, video game programmer, therapist, math teacher, politician, career counselor, school counselor and a couple others.

    I really only had a couple criteria that made it all clear though: 1) it had to be something I enjoyed and would do without money 2)it had to benefit society 3)I can do it well and 4)it had to have a high benefit-to-risk ratio.

    I chose teaching (though I may someday drip into a teaching/research position at a university since I am a part-time instructor now). I help people learn even when I am not being paid. It has a HUGE potential benefit for society (help set the path of the future's great inventors and leaders) and even if I am the worst teacher ever, unless I make people leave school, any mistake I make can always get corrected later. Plus, since I teach Psychology it has the added bonus of: I teach people ways to cope with everyday life, learn better, etc. which can improve them on a personal as well as professional level.

    Yes, I would choose my job even if I could be anything I wanted.

    FYI: Being a surgeon is VERY low on my list. Make a mistake there and you'll have a hard time living with yourself. Not to mention blood and gross and sick people and I have a lot of good qualities but I wouldn't include my fine motor coordination/manual dexterity on that list.

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