adoption prices...?

adoption there a website that has aproximate amounts for every country?

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    Holt is a Christian, nonprofit, licensed child and family service agency. Our adoption work is entirely financed through adoption fees and donations. Our fees reflect the belief that children are the highest priority, and we want as many children as possible to have families. All fees are subject to change, and are charged at the current rate at time of billing.

    An Overview of Holt's Fees

    Effective January 2006

    Fee Cost When Due

    Application $200 With Application

    Adoption Study $2,500-$2,900 (If Holt Provides) Before Study Begins

    Dossier Fee $2,795 See Below

    Adoption Program $5,324-$17,215 Acceptance of assignment

    Travel for an escorted child $2,490 - $2,845 Acceptance of assignment

    Postplacement $1,200 - $1,400 (If Holt Provides) Acceptance of assignment

    Document Processing Service $500 (optional-for China) See Below

    Other Expenses to Anticipate

    You will have some additional expenses which are paid to various service providers. Including:

    Obtaining copies of legal documents

    Finger printing

    Visa filing fee

    Medical exams

    Travel expenses

    Phone calls to Holt


    Legal adoption

    Application Fee $200

    The nonrefundable application fee must accompany your application form. This fee covers the cost of reviewing your application and determining how Holt should proceed with your adoption process.

    Adoption Study Fee $2,500-$2,900 (If Holt Provides)

    This is also called a homestudy. A qualified, experienced social worker will work with you to provide information about adopting and to evaluate your ability to parent an adopted child. The social worker is your advocate and important partner in preparing you for adoption. If you live in a Holt branch office state (Arkansas, California, Iowa, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oregon or South Dakota), Holt will provide the adoption study. Payment for the adoption study is due before the first meeting. If you live in another state, your adoption study will be provided and billed by a Holt cooperating agency in your area.

    Dossier Fee $2,795

    Applies to all international adoptions except Korea. It includes facilitating your adoption with agency and government officials in the United States and abroad, coordinating services with your local social worker, administrative/office expenses and telephone expenses. You will be billed when Holt receives and approves your homestudy. (This fee is non-refundable if you withdraw.)

    Document Processing Fee $500

    This is an optional service available to families adopting from China. Holt staff will assist in obtaining vital records needed for your dossier and have the documents certified as required by the county, state, federal and foreign governments. They will also make the necessary photocopies and mount photographs that are part of your dossier. The fee for this service is $500. Families are responsible for the fees charged by the government offices that certify the documents and the cost of Federal Express and priority mail service.

    Adoption Program Fee $5,324-$17,215

    There are costs involved in facilitating an adoption. These include: background investigations of the child, social services, accepting legal responsibility for the child, liaison with government and agency authorities, legal fees, passport, and U.S. visa fees in the child's country.

    Holt also provides direct support to children and orphanages, as well as overseas staff who assist adoptive families who travel to adopt their child.

    This fee is due when you accept the assignment of a child. Fees for adopting older children or children with moderate to major special needs may be as low as $5,324 and are determined on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the country, fees for adopting healthy or minor special needs children are as follows:

    Country Fee Country Fee Country Fee

    China $9,360** Ethiopia $8,690 Guatemala $10,190

    Haiti $8,690 India $8,190 Kazakhstan $13,390

    Korea $17,215 Kyrgyzstan $9,360 Mongolia $9,360

    Philippines $9,890 Thailand $8,190 Ukraine $13,390

    Vietnam $10,325

    **Please note that the Orphanage Donation for families adopting from China is included in the Adoption Program Fee. Holt does not require or recommend that adoptive parents carry large amounts of money to China for payment of adoption fees.

    Travel for an Escorted Child $2,490 - $2,845

    Countries have various requirements or options regarding bringing children to the United States. Some children may be escorted to the United States by staff, volunteers and child welfare authorities. In other cases parents go to the country to receive their child. Parents who travel make their own travel arrangements with Holt’s guidance. Costs are higher for children over 12 years old.

    Parent Escort Service Fee $500

    Holt-Korea charges a Parent Escort Service Fee of $500 for parents who choose to travel to Seoul to escort their own child home.

    Postplacement Fee $1,200 - $1,400 (if provided by Holt)

    There will be follow-up visits with your social worker and reports for the overseas office. This is required by foreign countries and offers families an opportunity to receive support while the child and family are adjusting to each other. The same agency provides both the adoption study and postplacement services.

    Fee Reductions

    Fees are reduced in the following situations.

    • The Adoption Program fee is reduced based on a variety of factors: medical needs, age or part of a large sibling group. Adjustments are made at the time of child assignment.

    • In exceptional circumstances, when a child is waiting for a family and the family needs financial assistance to adopt that child, Holt has a Special Needs Adoption Fund. Request for Special Needs Adoption Funds are considered on a case by case basis at the time of assignment.

    Fee Refunds

    Occasionally, special circumstances lead to a family withdrawing from the adoption process before the child arrives home. Holt refunds fees based on the following circumstances:

    Circumstance Fee Percent of Refund

    Family cancels; withdraws after

    accepting child assignment Dossier Fee 0%

    Adoption Program Fee 50%

    Travel for an escorted child 100%

    Overseas agency cancels

    assignment after family accepts child Dossier Fee 0%

    Adoption Program Fee 100%

    Travel for an escorted child 100%

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    I haven't seen any website that has the fees for given countries laid out like that. Sorry.

    There are a couple of ways you could research the fees for different countries.

    The first is to figure out what countries you're interested in & find agencies that do adoptions in those countries. Most of them have fee schedules on their websites (we used Children's Hope International ( and had a marvelous experience). You can also compare various agencies that have programs in the same countries -- we did that within the ten agencies that did adoptions in our country of choice and it and the other data we collected helped us narrow our choices.

    Another is to go to and ask on their forums about what approximate fees are for various countries you might be interested in.

    One thing to keep an eye on is the phrasing of things. When you talk about adoption "prices" instead of fees or costs, it can sound to some like "buying" a child instead of adopting a child. Some people will get very offended by the verbage even if you have no intention of sounding like that.


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    Not that I'm aware of but I do think the US is the most expensive and Ethiopia is the cheapest.

    This is a site that provides info for 'some' countries:

    But THIS may provide all places:

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