Should we start prosecuting more women?

It truly is a woman's world. If a woman becomes pregnant she can name any man who comes to mind as the father and the government will automatically start taking support out of his check. If it's later proven he's not the father, thus proving her a liar nothing happens to her. She does not even have to pay back the money she stole.

On the other hand a stripper can lie about being raped ruin some "duke" players lives, and nothing happens to her what so ever. As a male I can be beat up by my wife, if I call the cops they're simply going to ask me to leave the house. Where's the justice for men? Do you agree that we should start slapping more cuffs on women?


I made a type o I didn't mean to say if I beat up my wife, I meant to say " If I'm beat up by my wife..."

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    You're right about this being a woman-oriented world. When a woman says anything negative about a man, it is usually assumed that she is the victim and he is the culprit. Though I don't think this is fair, I don't know how to make things more equal.

    We are supposed to be in an equal society right now, but I think that everything leans towards the benefits for a woman more than for a man most of the time. I would like there to be more justice and the scales to be more even, but I don't know how that can possibly happen.

    There are plenty of Women's channels on cable TV, but some women find shows such as The Man Show offensive...even though it's only a *show* geared toward men, not an entire channel! Same goes for any minority group. As a Hispanic woman, I can see plenty of awards ceremonies for my own race, but if they were to have a Whites Only awards show, can you see how much hatred there would be for that???

    I think we'll just have to ride this out, and hopefully things will become equal the way they're supposed to be in all respects. It took women awhile to get some control, so now that we have it, I think we want to rationalize that men lorded their power over us for so it's our turn! :-)

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    There are some obvious gaps in the justice system in regard to men and women but the only way to change this is to change the system. By changing the system I don't mean the policies and laws but the personnel that enforce them. We need to elect judges and other public officials that are willing to implement the laws in place as equal pertaining to men and women. Far to often a mother is given custody of a child not because she can be the best provider for a child but Solly based on the fact that she is the mother. I have seen cases where a husband and wife get a divorce and the husband is ordered to pay child support when he is allowed only very limited visitation when the husband and wife get back together and again live together the judge refuses to eliminate the child support order. Many judges are no longer looking at what is right many only looks a what are the largest voter groups and how they will make these groups happy when it come time for re-election.

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    First off, they do not immediately start taking money out if the man denies paternity. In that case it would be ordered that a DNA test be performed and if it turns out that the man is the father then he will be ordered to pay up. If the man does not put up any fight against the paternity of the child then it is his fault that he has lost the money.

    And the Duke case was a terrible thing to happen and as a woman I do believe something should be done. In fact, I believe she is being sued by the three boys. The problem if they have not yet proven that she wasn't raped that night. Just that she wasn't raped by any of those she pointed to. Because it has not been proven that she filed a false police report nothing criminally can be done.

    You cannot throw people in jail for making false identifications because otherwise we would have hundreds of thousands of more people (men and women) in our already over crowded jails.

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    Oh my goodness - are just a little bitter against women or what?

    First of all, if a woman has been sexually active with more than one guy at a time, she may not "really" know who the father is. If you are named, you can ask for a DNA test prior to birth. Or immediately at the birth before child support is awarded, speak up and say you doubt you are the father.

    Secondly - wear a condom!

    As for the stripper, any woman, stripper or not could claim rape, so you had better be sure of what you are doing and with whom prior to getting into this situation.

    And beating up your wife, well that is a given, I am no expert here, but I would suggest you STOP beating up your wife.

    So - sure slap the cuffs on anyone guilty of a crime, but not because you dislike women!

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    Notice how many females answered your question. Men are always the "bad guys" due to our masculine. In the system also known as *THE BEAST* , men are treasure. WE do need to change laws and make females get in trouble when ruining other's lives. I think the system is flawed and the best way to analyze it, is to view Domestic causes and see who has the upper hand. Men will always be victims to females. Nothing to do about it. Especially when prosecutors and judges and all the staff in a courthouse are all females....Life ain't fair.

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    The PC police will tell you no.

    But when it is a woman word against a man, the man is guilty until proven innocent.

    Example are cases of sexual harrassment, Men accused of sexual harrassment are moved from the workplace until the investigation is over. It disrupts his life, work and many times hurts his family just being accused.

    If found innocent after the investigation then she can be brought up on charges.

    Another example is child custody cases. You litteraly have to prove your ex wife to be a completely unfit mother to ever obtain custody and that is usually after a long drawnout fight.

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    Only if they commit crimes.

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    wow... did you get accused of all those things?

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