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Does any know any info on the mysterious "cloverfield" project that J.J Abrams is working on?

For those that havent seen Transformers, theres a mysteries teaser trailer before the movie where some people are having a party and all of a sudden they hear a loud thump so they go outside and in the distance you could see N.Y with an explosion, theres people panicking and all of a sudden the head of the statue of liberty is thrown in front of them on the street( this whole sequence is being filmed by an amuture video camera). The trailer ends with no title for the movie but does end wth saying...."Producer jj abrams" and "1-18-08". I also found out if you type 1-18-08 in your url it kes you too a website that im pretty sure that its affiliated with the movie.

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    Well, well, it seems like more and more people are interested in Cloverfield. That’s the insanely crazy teaser trailer that’s run in front of Transformers, and after tonight (when was the last time a movie opened on a Monday, anyway?) I’d imagine things will get to a fever pitch as the clip, a giant monster movie shot on handheld video cameras, gets out to the masses.

    To date: trailer is crazy. Awesome. Supercool. No title involved, just a “From producer J.J. Abrams” and a release date of 1/18/08. In the past couple of days, more information has come to light. First, according to the dudes over at Ain’t It Cool News, it seems the director is going to be Matt Reeves. Um, who? Reeves is an old Abrams associate, and one of the creators of Felicity. He has a single feature to his credit, the Davis Schwimmer/Gwenyth Paltrow romancer The Pallbearer, and he’s directed a mess of TV shows, including several eps of Felicity. AICN also says that a dude called Drew Godard will write the script, a dude with writing credits that give him the right kind of cred: Lost, Alias, Buffy and Angel. The monster’s reportedly called “The Parasite,” and the whole project now has its own IMDB page, where it’s just being called Untitled J.J. Abrams Project, which isn’t surprising, since “Cloverfield” is widely considered to be a fake name. Bad Robot, Abrams production company, is pulling the whole thing together.

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    I've heard this is the site for the film:

    It has puzzles you need to figure out to advance through it

    … or maybe not! The more I research it, the more it appears that the site I listed is NOT related to JJ Abrams…'

    There's so much on the web about it... including YouTube

    The more I look into this, the more I confirm that people really do have too much time on their hands!

    Here's the trailer:

    and the only confirmed 'official' website:

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    people are saying its new godzilla or a new movie called parsite but it also could be the day the earth stood still (remade) well just have 2 see

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