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How to take subway from Brooklyn to Belleville, NJ?

How can i take the Brooklyn subway( MTA) to Belleville NJ? Do I transfer somewhere to the NJ Transit? I go to Pratt so how long would it take to get to the Belleville/Newark area?

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    Wow, that would be a heck of a long trip..

    - It will take you around 40 minutes to an hour to get to Penn Station in Manhattan by subway..

    - Then another hour or so to get from Penn Station to the general Newark area by NJ Transit..

    - Then another hour or so to get from Newark to the general Belleville area by Newark light rail..

    - Then walk to whereever in Belleville you are going.

    We are looking at around 3 hours if you do it this way.

    Alternatively, if you got a friend at the destination who can pick you up at the NJ Transit train station at Watsessing on the Montclair-Boonton line, you can cut almost an hour off the trip.. Subway from Brooklyn to Penn Station in Manhattan, NJ Transit from Penn Station to Watsessing, then have a friend pick you up from there.

    Hope this helps.

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    have to go to NY Penn Station and then to Newark Penn Station.

    Then go downstairs. ASk customer service.

    Then the Newark City Subway will go to Belleville in the Branchbrook Park area.

    try this

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