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hows my fantasy football team?

qb-carson palmer, jake delhomme

rb-ladainian tomlinson, cadillac williams, kevin jones

wr-marvin harrison, plaxico burress, deion branch, mark clayton, drew carter

te- jeremy sockey

k- adam vinatieri

def-miami, denver

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    Awesome at QB

    RBs..you need another one...Williams and Jones aren't scoring machines

    Your WRs are solid and deep. I like the pick of Drew Carter. I'm a Panther fan and I've been waiting 3 years for that guy to get healthy. He just might be the biggest sleeper pick in fantasy this year because he could get the starting job opposite Steve Smith...and Carter is quite talented.

    Jeremy Shockey is pretty consistent at TE, good pick

    I hope you didn't draft Adam Vinatieri early because of who he is though, but he'll be consistent as night and day anyway

    Defenses....what could be better, I'd switch those weekly because they both have different things to offer in terms of defense.

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    Team looks solid. Expect the most from a player like LT. Hopefully he win remain healthy and score 2+ TDs a game, like he averages now. I would look into another RB.

    Let me suggest a rookie from Penn State, Tony Hunt. He is on the Philly Eagles roster and should see time behind Westbrook. West's backup, Correll Buckhalter remained healthy last year, but he is the Charlie Gardener of today, injury prone. Tony Hunt is a like a Westbrook player, because, he can catch balls too.

    I would ditch Kevin Jones or Drew Carter and pick up another RB, like Hunt, or even Betts on Washington. Betts backups a shakey Clinton Portis. Betts can get yards, but he's no LT.

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    Overall, a 8.25

    QB-8-Carson is great and Delhome can start when needed.

    HB-8-With LT, it's and 8 or better. But you need a good backup.

    WR-8-Marvin and Plax are a great 1-2 and you have a solid supporting cast.

    TE-8- He will put up his usual, a great season.

    K-9- Can't get any better, but K's aren't worth as much.

    DEF-8.5-The only problem is now you have to choose which one to start!!!! Maybe trede a DEF for a good HB!!

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    You need another RB other than LT. Jones is probably still going to be injured when the season starts, and Williams may have another year like last year. Try to make a trade to get another good RB.

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    QB- Peyton Manning!!

    RB - Larry Johnson

    But Other Than That Its Good

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    Nice team...but you need another RB.

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