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Anonymous asked in SportsBaseball · 1 decade ago

Who is the Ace pitcher and Star player of the following MLB teams?

1. NY Yankees

2. Boston Redsox

3. LA Dodgers

4. Atlanta Braves

5. NY Mets

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This is a complicated question.

    1. The Yankees don't really have one ace, four of their pitchers have been aces at one point. For this season I'd say Chien-Ming Wang, their star is another issue. Derek Jeter is the Captain and one of the most consistent guys in the game, but A-Rod puts up better power numbers.

    2. Boston's ace could be considered either Beckett or Schilling, this year I'd certainly say Josh Beckett. Their star, for this year is rather difficult. Most everyone is performing rather well, I'd have to say Beckett should actually be considered their star, but for a non-pitcher, its tough,. Both Manny and Papi are under performing, for their usuals anyway, but still probably one of those guys.

    3. The Dodger's ace is Brad Penny, he's been rather lights out for them. Their star is another tough one. I'd say Russell Martin, their catcher. He's been the most consistent over the season, but look out for James Loney, Loney won't be around for long enough this season to be considered their out right star, but he's rpetty good, enough to warrant the Dodgers moving Garciaparra to third base.

    4. Atlanta Braves ace is John Smoltz, not by much, but he barely gets the nod over Hudson. Their star is Chipper Jones, he has sbeen putting up amazing numbers for them this year.

    5. NY Mets. Their ace is John Maine, he's doing really well, but Oliver Perez is right on his heels. Their star could be either Jose Reyes or David Wright, both are doing really well. Their jobs are a little different, so just comparing stats isn't really fair. Their star could be either one of them, on any given day.

  • 1 decade ago

    Ace Pitchers

    1. NY Yankees - Chien Ming Wang

    2. Boston Red Sox - Curt Schilling or Dice K Matzusaka (Curt is more of a leader but Dice K has mroe skill.)

    3. LA Dodgers - Brad Penny

    4. Atlants Braves - John Smoltz

    5. NY Mets - Tom Glavine

    Star Players

    1. NY Yankees - Derek Jeter

    2. Boston Red Sox - David Ortiz

    3. LA Dodgers - Ricky Matin (He leads the Dodgers in Homeruns Average and R.B.I.s)

    4. Atlanta Braves - Chipper Jones

    5. NY Mets - David Wright or Jose Reyes

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    5 years ago

    a million. Mike Mussina, Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter 2. Curt Schilling, David Ortiz 3. Derek Lowe, Nomar Garciaparra 4. Chris chippie, Albert Pujols 5. Carlos Zambrano, Alfonso Soriano 6. John Smoltz, Andruw and Chipper Jones 7. Tom Glavine, Carlos Beltran and David Wright

  • 1 decade ago

    Yankees- Rodger Clemens/ Derek Jeter

    Redsox- Curt Schilling/ David Ortiz

    Dodgers- BRAD PENNY/ Nomar Garciappara

    Braves- Jon Smoltz/ Andruw Jones

    Mets- Tom Glavine/ Jose Reyes

  • 1 decade ago

    Chein Ming Wang is the Ace, Derek Jeter is the Star

    Curt Shilling is the Ace, David "Big Papi" Ortiz is the Star

    Brad Penny is the Ace, Nomar Garciaparra is the Star

    John Smoltz is the Ace, Chipper Jones is the Star

    Tom Glavine is the Ace, Jose Reyes is the Star

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Andy Pettite

    Alex Rodriguez/Derek Jeter

    2. Josh Beckett

    Kevin Youkilis

    3. Brad Penny

    Russell Martin

    4. John Smoltz

    Jeff Francouer

    5. John Maine

    Jose Reyes

  • 1 decade ago

    NY Yankees:

    Chien-Ming Wang (low Ks, but with a declining rotation, he gets the job done in wins)

    Alex Rodriguez (obviously)


    Josh Beckett (on fire this year, takes it over Dice-K because of MLB experience, but look for Dice-K to be the Ichiro of pitching in future years)

    David Ortiz (consistent every year)

    LA Dodgers:

    Brad Penny (best pitcher in a poor rotation)

    Russell Martin (surprise of the year)


    John Smoltz (always good)

    Chipper Jones (only because he made a comeback)

    NY Mets:

    John Maine (would've been Pedro if he wasn't injured)

    David Wright (runner-up: Jose Reyes)

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriguez

    2. Curt Schilling and David Ortiz

    3. Brad Penny and Nomar Garciaparra

    4. John Smoltz and Chipper Jones

    5. Pedro Martinez and Jose Reyes

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Chien Ming Wang

    2. Josh Beckett

    3. Brad Penny

    4. John Smoltz

    5. John Maine

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Chien Ming Wang

    2. Josh Beckett

    3. Brad Penny

    4. John Smoltz

    5.Tom Glavine

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