why i cannot log in my yahoo email?

I can log in on the yahoo home page. On this page I also can see there is one new message inside.Yahoo messenger is working well. I can log into another yahoo email box on this computer. Then what is the problem ? Please help me.

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  • Manik
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    1 decade ago
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    Type your ID and password correctly with correct letter case (with no space bar ,commas or period in between those) .Please check it with cool head. You also have to make sure your windwos firewall or your personal anti-virus firewall is not blocking communication from Yahoo! server from your system, lower your browser's 'PRIVACY LEVEL' to 'MEDIUM HIGH' so that it can accept necessary cookies ,you also need to install properly the SNMP protocol and 'messege queing' with 'core functionality',HTTP proxy tools,active triggering (all available in your windows xp installation CD-ROM as 'Windows optional/additional component').If you still face problem then you have to look for whether your account has been 'hacked' or stolen.

    Check Your Name and Password at this Official Yahoo log-in site to check your account>>>


    Also in there:

    https://edit.yahoo.com/forgot?login=sanjoy07&intl=... click Sign in at top and it will take you to the official sign-in site.

    Check to see if you can log into yahoo mail here >> http://mail.yahoo.com/

    If you cannot sign into either site then most likely you have fallen victim to one of the password stealing scams. Learn about Password Scams and how to protect yourself from them at >> http://security.yahoo.com/article_privacy.html

    If you think your password/account has been stolen then read the following link:http://www.bigblueball.com/forums/186568-post4.htm...

    Now if you Want to Recover a Password to a Lost or Stolen Account visit this >>> http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/security/general....

    if it has been deactivated for 'violation' or "suspended" for 'abuse' by CUSTOMER CARE then you'll have to appeal directly to Yahoo if you believe your account was suspended in error.

    The best thing to do is to post in the Wrongful Violations Forum. A member of the team will be able to inform you of the reason your account was deleted and you can ask if you have any hope of re-reinstatement. Make sure to post your old account name (the sign in name). The forum can be found here:


    To contest a violation notice that you've received, post your appeal on the Yahoo! Answers Violation Appeals Board. Please post only one message to appeal your deletion or suspension. Include the content that was removed, and why you feel it was a mistake. If you have multiple appeals please include them all in one post.


    Email Yahoo at these addresses:



    cc-advoc@yahoo-inc.com (Y! Customer Support)

    Contact Yahoo by phone:

    Yahoo! Customer Service


    You can also fill out these "Online Help" forms, which lets Yahoo! know that you're experiencing that problem as you have mentioned here, and wait for a reply from Yahoo!Customer Support:


  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Yes. For a few motive Yahoo fails to inform their customers at any time when they've technical problems. I have needed to make a few calls to them and now that I'm ultimately again into my electronic mail, all my emails are long gone !! Inbox, Sent, the whole lot in all of the folders is long gone. I desire that the whole lot shall be retrieved while the challenge is solved nonetheless I'm no longer definite and am concerned approximately the whole lot I've misplaced. Apparently it is a challenge that a few folks are having and others aren't. For me, it began the day gone by. They stored resetting my password best to have the challenge occur once more. I'm in now however who is aware of how lengthy so that you can final.

  • 6 years ago

    I'm not claire and I'm useing same cumputer as her. But I can't log in myself at all.

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