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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsBiology · 1 decade ago

Tell me about genetically modified food.?

please...i only have 10 mins left!!

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    Genetically modified food is where genetic material from another species is introduced into the genetic matrix of the food species to alter the characteristics of that food material.

    For instance Yukon Gold is a type of potato to enhance its resistance to natural fungus, disease, and improve its taste fish DNA was introduced to its natural genetic base. That base genetic matrix was a very similar potato but with lesser quality and lesser value.

    The concern for humans primarily revolves from its use as a food. Is the food safe for human consumption? Is the genetic matrix stable enough not to impact the genetic matrix of other species.

    Addressing these concerns may take another generation or so to find out. Often a technology such as this may be introduced and its immediate impact on humans beneficial but the long term impact proves dangerous if not a complete threat.

    So a debate continues on whether the genetically modified food be part of agriculture, whether the food is safe for human consumption over the long term and whether use of genetic combinations are a long term threat to all species if grown in the natural environment. The debate is genuine.

    For instance the European Union (EU) has placed a ban on all genetically modified food. North American agriculture primarily led by the Monsanto corporation has aggressively embraced this format of agriculture. Unfortunately this has meant the curtailment of agricultural products from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to the (EU) countries. This ban has been challenged as a restriction to trade.

    Summing this up Genetically Modified Foods (GMF) may be a boost to agricultural production, an enhancement of the food itself but this technology is so new that the long term impacts on all aspects of human existence and civilization has yet to be determined. Indeed every (GMF) may have to have a complete study and review procedure by an government agencies in a very similar way that pharmaceuticals are introduced and regulated.

    Good luck.

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    Genetically Modified Foods

    A genetically modified (GM) food is a plant that has a genetic change in each of its cells that a researcher has introduced. The modification may add a gene from a different species and thereby create a transgenic plant, or it may overexpress or silence a preexisting plant gene. Overexpression is accomplished by altering the promoter region of a gene, which controls how rapidly and in which cells the encoded protein is synthesized, thus directing a plant to manufacture more of a natural product. Conversely, a gene may be "silenced" (directed not to synthesize a protein) through the use of antisense technology, which applies a complementary nucleic acid to messenger RNA, halting expression of the encoded protein.

    Refer this it will surely help u-

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    Genetically Modified (GM) foods are produced from genetically modified organisms (GMO) which have had their genome altered through genetic engineering techniques. The general principle of producing a GMO is to insert DNA that has been taken from another organism and modified in the laboratory into an organism's genome to produce both new and useful traits or phenotypes. Typically this is done using DNA from certain types of bacteria. GM Foods have been available since the 1990s, with the principal ones being derived from plants; soybean, corn, canola and cotton seed oil.

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    It's different from unmodified food.

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