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Evil genius super agents?

what should i do with the super agents when they come

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    Super Agents are real annoying, there are a few ways to handle them and one way to cheat ^_^.

    Cheat is to use Lord Kane "Smooth Operator" and the Super Agent will be stop until Lord Kane gets there. Super Agent will be free to be pummeled by your other henchmen without retaliating. Best combo is Lord Kane "Smooth Operator" and Jubei "Wind Walk".

    A safe way will be to Weaken Tag him. Then make him dumb. I would usually Capture when they are done then torture him for about 5 times. This is to make them finish their time on the island so that they will fly off, hopefully.

    Other than that is the old-fashion ************. Kill Tag him and let your soldiers rip him apart. But they will get up again unless you torture them continuously.

    Best keep notoriety low until Island 2, then you have the options of getting rid of the Super Agents except for John Steele.

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    Evil genius super agents?

    what should i do with the super agents when they come

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