NYC for teens?

what kind of fun things are there for teens to do in NYC (im 15)

thanks :)

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    For Manhattan:

    The thing about NYC is that, you're most likely to find fun in the most randomest, and unusual places. Don't go looking at any fancy places cause that'll easily eat your wallet up.

    I would suggest going to China Town and just walking around, meeting all sorts of people, just feeling the "rush" of the foreign part city. Plus, there is an arcade there called "chinatown fair". It's like the most sketchiest place, but also the most fun. Chinatown also has these underground stores full of martial arts weapons and other cool artifacts. If your into those kind of stuff, check them out if you can (you're even allowed to use some weapons to test them out).

    Also, I can't stop thinking about all the many places to EAT. it's like an eating heaven (not just china town alone), but the whole city.

    Other than china town, there is central park...

    which in my opinion is pretty boring unless you wanna just have a fun day of relaxing....

    OH!, another thing you can do is (if you have a bike), is to ride along the west side highway. It's a very nice view, and there are lots of riders, old and young.

    You might also wanna check out the south street Sea Port. They have lots of stores there you might wanna check out (but most is for clothing--which isn't shocking since most stores in NYC ARE for clothing)

    Now, if you love to shop, you might want to find yourself on Broadway. It has probably the most extensive lines shopping stores, and it stretches quite far too.

    But mainly, if you want to have fun, and do fun things, your options are limited so you have to make things "fun". Like someone said previously, you can go to one of the many parks NYC has to offer and play some basket ball or even a little handball. You'll be amazed by the competition and skills of some players on an ordinary park. Basically, you just have to walk around the city to find "fun". Which you will for sure, but it'll probably be something you wont expect.

    Now for the other boroughs (which I'm not too familiar about =(), you can go to Coney Island, which is located in Brooklyn. There is also that amusement park called astroland--which in fact isn't going to last for very long, so go as soon as you can. try out the cyclone rollercoaster. Or just spend a day in the fresh(eh...) waters of the beach.

    Also, if your into laser tag, I believe there is a laser tag place in Flushing medow park, which is located in Queens.

    As for the Bronx and Staten Island...I'm not sure about any fun places there. I've only been to those places like 5 times in my life. Oh, can go to Staten island through the ferry. That's pretty fun, especially if it's at night, and when coming back to Manhattan on the ferry, the night view is simply amazing. But as for the island alone, I dont think there are many "fun" places.

    Well, that wraps it up. My best bet would be either coney island or just almost everywhere in the city. Hey, walking around and seeing all sorts of werid things/places/PEOPLE is fun too. I do it quite often with my friends, and just hanging out with a few buddies is/can be fun anytime and anywhere.

    I just realized how insanely LONG this answer is...

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    NYC for teens?

    what kind of fun things are there for teens to do in NYC (im 15)

    thanks :)

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    I'm turning 15 in a few days. Usually, in the summer, we go to Coney Island, hang out at the park and play handball, shop.

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    Try to get to the top of the Empire State Building.

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