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At what age should children start dating?...?

I was just wondering...

At what age should children be allowed to start dating


What age should a child be allowed to have a mobile phone/cell phone


What is an appropriate curfew for a 14 year old?

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    I think children should be allowed to start dating around 15 or 16. Although, I had a "boyfriend" when I was 12, and in 6th grade. Notice I put quotes are boyfriend.

    I think the age a child should be allowed a cell phone depends on their maturity, and how often they go out with their friends and such. Because, if you go out rather often when you're about 13 or 14 it's nice, for the child and the parent to be able to keep in touch. Generally, again I think about 15 is a good age for a cell phone. Once again though, I got my cell phone when I was 12, and in 6th garde. A younger age can also be a good thing, with out the child being spoiled. If something were to happen, the child would be able to use their cell phone to call for help.

    I feel the appropriate curfew for a 14 year old would be 9:30 on weeknights, and depending, but probably about 10:30 or 11 on the weekends. This also depends on the maturity of the 14 year old. If the child is constantly late, than it should probably be earlier, just for that point in time, for discipline. If the child is mostly on time, and if she call from a pay phone/friends phone, etc., than she should be allowed possibly a half hour later, depending on the circumstances. I'm 14 right now, and my curfew is 11:30 on the weekends, and 9:30 on weeknights.

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    It really depends on the child. A more mature teenager may be able to handle dating at 14, while others shouldn't even be considered until 16. That being said, I think 15 is a great age to start dating. The cell phone thing is a bit trickier. That depends upon the needs of the family. If you worry about your child being able to contact you, I would say to use your discretion. Otherwise, 13 or 14 is a good age to start with a prepaid deal, moving up to a contract-type adult phone by 16 depending on behavior. Curfew for a 14 year old would depend on the child's history. If they are dependable, I would say 9 on week nights and 10 on weekends during the summer. Make it 8 and 9 during the school year.

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    You should start single dating when you are old enough to DRIVE to the DRUG STORE and the FAMILY PLANNING CLINIC on your own. That's not to say you WILL be sexually active...just in case. Any young teenager should/could have a cell phone for their own protection but NOT to abuse by yakking away while they are driving or running up the family phone bill. Appropriate curfew for a 14 year old depends on your company. School nights - you shouldn't be out at all. Weekends, holidays, summer 11:00 is reasonable that's when most movies, malls, restaurants are closed and you're just going to be "hanging out" - no good - after that. If you call from a friend's home after that and it can be verified - call back or speaking to a parent - the 11:00 could be stretched. By the way "children" should not be doing any of this. If the kid in question is not considered to be a responsible "young adult" the question should not even apply.

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    I think kids should not start "dating" until they are 15... that means car dates. Before 15 I think group dates to movies, dances, theme parks, etc. are fine. Kids have boyfriends and girlfriends at young ages and that does not constitute dating to me.

    Jr. High is a good age to get a kid a cell phone because they start to do things with friends on their own and might need it to keep in touch... so 13 or so is appropriate.

    I say 8pm for weeknights and 10 on weekends is appropriate for a 14 yr old. But why is your 14 yr old out and about on their own anyway? At 14 I was always at a certain place... never running around until curfew.

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    Children should be allowed to date around age 16 or 17 (more 17) ish because before that, most boys and girls are still a bit (just a bit) immature and will take dating as a joke. For example, they still think "oh that boy/girl is cute so I should date him" and they don't truly look at the boy/ girl's personality. They could easily get their heart broken this way. And a good curfew would be around 8:00 or 8:30 because they are still such young children

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    Children shouldnt start dating until at least 15

    Children shouldnt have cell phones until at least 13-14. I do not agree and hate seeing 7 year olds with phones. They shouldnt be out on there own at the mall in the first place at that age.

    curfew for a 14 year old? 9:30pm

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    Really it depends on how much you trust your child. I wouldn't let them date till 16 though for sure no matter how much you trust them. But it is hard to let go because even though you really trust them, there is that doubt because you know they are different with friends then they are at home. I would just make sure you set rules and make the obey them and make sure you know where they are going and at first maybe if they are going to the movie have them show you the movie ticket that they did go. That is just me. I trusted my teens and found out that no matter how much I trusted them, other friends have quite the influence on them. All teens are pretty much the same in the regard that they think they know everything and don't listen to anyone but friends who don't know any more then your child. Curfew well 10:30 sounds good and if they can be home in time then maybe after a while you can make 11 as they show they can be respectful and responsible. Cell phones... if you letting them go to the mall at any age with friends, they need a cell phone. So you are sure you can get a hold of them at all times. Make sure you pay attention to the phone bill and make sure they know how it works such as minutes go where they get free minutes with same carrier etc.

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    An appropriate age to start dating is 16. Children should get a cell phone when they start middle school. I say this early age because of the way the economy works these days. They do not need a fancy one, they are too young, despite peer pressure.

    **The Best of Luck!!**

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    "Children" shouldn't date at all. An appropriate curfew for a 14 year old is 8 pm. Cell phones at an age when they've demonstrated they are capable of being responsible.

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    1. Age 16, but not on "alone dates", with a group of friends, or a sibling tagging along or the special someone comes here and hangs with the fam and vice versa. Thats what we do.

    2. When our daughters were in sports is when we gave them cell phones because they go out of town often with their teams. Even after the season is over, they get to keep their phones, but thats when we gave it to them for the first time.

    3. A curfew for a 14 yr. old?? None. Either you pick them up (if theyre not spending the night) or their friends parents brings him/her home.

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