have you ever been in jail? for what and how long.?

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    I've been held in a number of facilities - that might be termed jails.

    Police Detention Holdings are generally short term - up to 3 days maybe 4 but rarely longer. ( I think my longest is two days but only on the occassion of I think three arrests)

    I've been in a holdings facility called Walkerton - that was for a few days I think maybe 2 or three I didn't eat while there and got really odd sleep and was in PC then solitary so I don't really know how long as I didn't have access to outside at all while there, and was semi concious for part of it but it was after being held in police holdings so the time is a little blured.

    (this was awaiting trial ---- but I was removed from the court process and detained in a light to medium security hostpital for about a month and a half afterwards diverted out of the justice system (I was self representative but the courts ignored my right to self representation and fair trial --- as there is something called the mental health act in ontario that removes individuals basic rights to personal security and fair trial. on the basis of not liking how you think even if nothing illegal is involved.

    I was in solitary - with lots of transport days at maplehurt for about a month - some gaurds there are OK, but others are complete ***** and are abusive. They wouldn't provide me with my vegan diet and lied to me about the food they were giving me, they also abused me physically and denied me access to the chaplain, access to a phone and others but did let me see visitors.. no one cared including the courts. This was awaiting trial I was found fit to stand trial but the courts decided that wasn't enough and had a one month asseesment order placed

    during that same trial I was transfered.to St. Thomas, an assement center - at the end I was NOT NCR (NCR meaning not criminally responsible on mental health grounds - meaning that the assessment prooved my mental fitness at the time of the issue) the trial was then stayed and withdrawn a month or so after I was released - ---


    Local Police Holdings (Lockup)

    Detention Facilities (Walkerton and Maplehurst)

    Under Prison Gaurd Watch but not in prison (Grand River Hostpital - but also not under gaurd watch after the case was cancled but I was still held through the MHA.

    St. Thomas (and old WWII military base) converted into a secure assessment center.

    that's pretty much it. I've never been held in jail for a conviction or part of sentacing though. Canada is a very big prison.

    (Oddly I've never agreed to nor knowingly received the manditory (but legally not mandatory) TB shot they inject everyone with

    ----- one of the hotest summers on record when I was at maple hurst and I was basically in a freezer without blankets or matresses for a chunk of the time. there is basically just a mat in solitary, you may or may not have blanets and there are no pillows.. it was removed for part of it but I don't htink they are suppose to remove it. Also the dress doesn't cover the entire body so part of you is exposed to cold stone/concrete while the jumpsuits (which I kept mine and still have as well as the really good prison duffle bags (they are very good duffle bags) are too tight and really uncomfortable to sleep with especially if you get morning wood. SInce I was transported usually every day or two or so I never got my meails on those days -since they wern't giving me my diet there was very little that I could eat and they would give me 0 assurance to the food I was eating and generally just lied about it. meanwhile at first I had difficulties back but eventually the 'you can only have a burger' thing was slightly changed.. but in Kitchener only expect a burger when you are in jail even if you are vegan. So I got very little food while there I lost much weight, but most of my time was spent resting. Don't expect showers or time outside, you may or may not receive it. Since I was gone so often I did not get the regular time in situation but only woke up a couple hour transport in the back of a metal can (OPP transport truck/van in shackles - the opp were far more professional imo than the gaurds) then the day spent in jail then at the end of the day I was sent back and may have received a small meal that I couldn't eat since they only I think once provided me a vegan meal-- that I think was taken from the womens prison and incorrectly sent, hopefully the diabetic meals that were in error didn't result in any medical issues for the diabetics being held... as it wasn't marked with my name or my consumption...(but rather someone else)

    all in all though there are no assurances in the government food service to actually provide religious, non life threatening medical, or diets of conscience ---- and the courts don't care - expect a week delay before they may provide you part of your diet.. but don't expect the gaurds to give it to you or give you access to someone to tattle on them. you can only hope your lawyer or legal aid doesn't sell you out to protect the image of the justice system. and the courts and police just brush everything under the carpet. -- oh and if you are in on a conviction and don't have visitors ur fked because they will let you die, hell they'll help you die.

    Also if you use drugs they may show up on your urine test I don't know though as I don't use drugs, but they do conduct urine tests. I was never able to do mine though since i wasn't able to pee on the strip)

    (the have electronic connections to the courts in the jails now via ISDN so they may or may not transport you.. if you don't need to be transported and you have a long trip and would like your meals try to arrange for ISDN court and try to get your lawyer to not be around your meal if at all possible cause you may not get it and if it effect two meals a day it puts you well into a starving calory count which you'll see your health degrade if you are just making 5 minute appearances but waiting 5 hours. (usually ISDN will save you transit time and insure you may only miss one meal a day (and if you are actually getting meals you eat that is good)

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    For what and how long doesn't matter.

    The food is bad.

    The shower is not hot.

    The room temp. is never right.

    Your phone call is collect to the person your calling at a

    fifteen dollar fee, plus time talking. If the person called

    says "no" then the phone hangs up.

    They do not make very uncomfortable for you so you do not

    want to come back a second time. <l:-})-[*

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    A few times. Warrents, possession of marijuana, suspended license. All misdemenors. Past is history though, now i'm working on working in juvi hall.

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    I stole a woman's heart once. Then later broke it. I'm doing a life sentence of guilt and regret.

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    not me, but my brother has and is now in there. He hates it and will be staying for a few months.

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