I have another question, could anyone tell me the names of some guitarists who play country music., please?

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    1 decade ago
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    Top 100 country guitarists

    1. Chet Atkins

    2. Merle Travis

    3. Joe Maphis

    4. Roy Clark

    5. Speedy West

    6. Albert Lee

    7. Maybelle Carter

    8. Buddy Emmons

    9. Noel Boggs

    10. Jerry Bryd

    11. Tony Rice

    12. Doc Watson

    13. Norman Blake

    14. Ricky Skaggs

    15. Danny Gatton

    16. Ray Flacke

    17. Red Rhodes

    18. Lester Flatt

    19. Hank Garland

    20. Leon McAuliffe

    21. Roy Nichols

    22. Clarence White

    23. Doyle Dykes

    24. Charlie McCoy

    25. Jimmy Bryant

    26. Paul Franklin

    27. Little Roy Wiggins

    28. Joaquin Murphy

    29. Pete Drake

    30. Jerry Reed

    31. Curly Chalker

    32. Grady Martin

    33. Jerry Douglas

    34. Junior Brown

    35. Sonny Garish

    36. Billy Grammer

    37. Dan Dugmore

    38. Charles Sawtelle

    39. Lee Roy Parnell

    40. John Jorgensen

    41. Sam McGee

    42. Carl Perkins

    43. Eddie Alkire

    44. James Burton

    45. Vince Gill

    46. Keith Urban

    47. David Grier

    48. Glenn Campbell

    49. Scotty Moore

    50. Brad Paisley

    51. Johnny Hiland

    52. Jimmy Day

    53. Jerry Donahue

    54. Herb Remington

    55. Don Rich

    56. Ralph Mooney

    57. Dan Crary

    58. Don Helms

    59. Joe Carr

    60. Bud Isaacs

    61. Lloyd Green

    62. Bob White

    63. Bill Emerson

    64. Bill Kirchen

    65. Zane Beck

    66. Brent Rowan

    67. Eddie Taylor

    68. Bobby Garrett

    69. John Jennings

    70. Bob Dunn

    71. Dickey Betts

    72. Tom Morrell

    73. Brent Mason

    74. Hal Rugg

    75. John Hughey

    76. Russ Barenberg

    77. Jimmie Crawford

    78. James Allen Shelton

    79. Jaydee Maness

    80. Rusty Young

    81. Weldon Myrick

    82. B. J. Cole

    83. Johnny Sibert

    84. Bryan Sutton

    85. Buddy Charleton

    86. Doug Jernigan

    87. Pee Wee Wightwing

    88. Tom Brumley

    89. Jeff Newman

    90. Roy Smeck

    91. Eldon Shamblin

    92. Sean Watkins

    93. Ry Cooder

    94. Harold Bradly

    95. Eric Weissberg

    96. Peter Rowan

    97. Billy Bowman

    98. Dan Crary

    99. Eddy Shaver

    100. Buddy Miller

    Photo by Deborah Feingold

    1. Scotty Moore

    2. Cliff Gallup

    3. Carl Perkins

    4. James Burton

    5. Eddie Cochran

    6. Roland Janes

    7. Al Casey

    8. Paul Burlison

    9. Brian Setzer

    10. Danny Cedrone

    11. Buddy Holly

    12. Larry Collins

    13. Eddie Bush

    14. Franny Beecher

    15. Sonny Curtis

    16. Lonnie Mack

    17. Sonny Burgess

    18. Al Hopson

    19. Deke Dickerson

    20. Tommy Allsup

    21. Bobby Fuller

    22. Roy Orbison

    23. Jerry Huffman

    24. Dave Alvin

    25. Johnny Meeks

    26. Elvis Presley

    27. Ronnie Dawson

    28. Dave Edmunds

    29. Johnny Burnette

    30. Bill Haley

    Tim Stafford

    Vance Terry

    Eddie Long

    Lloyd Maines

    Bruce Bouton

    Walter Haynes

    Herby Wallace

    Dix Bruce

    Steve Wariner

    Billy Robinson

    Tut Taylor

    Will Ray

    David Rawlings

    Al Perkins

    Larry Park

    Kenny Greenberg

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    3 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Vince Gill

    Ricky Scaggs

    Brad Paisley

    Keith Urban

    Clint Black

    Jerry Reed

    Willie Nelson

    Chet Atkins

    Glenn Campbell

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  • lana s
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    1 decade ago

    Flatts&Scruggs, Chet Atkins, Brad Paisley, Vince Gill (he has played numerous times w/ Chet), Willie Nelson, Steve Wariner (awesome on "longneck bottle" w/Garth Brooks),Gary Allen,Junior Brown (as great on the dobro),David Ball ,Charlie Robison, Bruce Robison,Kevin Fowler, Jack Ingram, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash,Shooter Jennings,Kris Kristofferson.

    I assume you were looking for those who do most os the lead guitar in thier songs.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Doc Watson, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Jerry Reed(the all time best, I think) Chet Atkins(he's dead, but his stuff is still easy to find), Glenn Campbell. Oh yeah, Willie Nelson is good also. A lot of these guys are known more for their vocals, but they are all top guitarists as well. There's a zillion of 'em out there, these are the ones I can remember. good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    pilgrim.. Great list.... I consider Doc Watson to be the greatest flat picker of all time.

    Chet Atkins for best "All Around"

    Merle Travis for best finger picker

    But here's a new one for you... Chuck Pyle.

    He's a great finger picker who also writes music.... for folks like Jerry Jeff Walker ("Other Side of the Hill"... "Jaded Lover")... The guy has six fingers on each hand !!!! LOLOL!!

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  • forbes
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    1 decade ago

    Keith Urban plays guitar amazingly!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Keith urban and brad paisley are awsome

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  • 1 decade ago

    So does Brad Paisley!!

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