I have Jamal Lewis as a 3rd RB. but J. Jones from Dallas, and T bell from Detroit are available. Do I change?

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    Nope, but i'd drop a back up kicker, tight end or defense or a 4th receiver to pick up Bell who i think has the most upside. 2nd string kickers, TE's and D's unless you have two studs are easy to replace on a week by week basis looking at matchups...but a starting RB is fantasy gold. The only thing i'd worry about is that K. Jones will take some goal line carries from the smaller Bell, but either way, he'll probably score more points then your back up tight end or 4th WR.

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    Barber 654 yards rush, 14 rush TD, 196 rcv yards and 2 TD, 0 fumble loss.

    Jones had less FF points last year with 1084 rush yards only 2 TDs' and 142 yards recv, 0TD and 1 fumble loss.

    This is why he is available and Barber isn't.

    Bell in Detroit, yes, he has high potential but he is playing in Detroit, dont get caught up in the hype, Kitna is still Kitna. Now, Kevin Jones may not take many reps from Bell, but there is that potential. Also, Jamal is in the lone man in the backfield and will get the carries.

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    No - Lewis is the solid #1 in cleveland. Jones and Bell are both possible destined to be #2 on the depth chart.

    Keep Lewis

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    Depends on how your league scores, however,

    Julius Jones will get more yards and touchdowns than Jamal Lewis simply because Dallas will get more red zone opportunities and has a better o-line. Jamal will get more carries.

    Cleveland is lucky to score a touchdown in a game - they kick a lot of field goals.

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    Dont drop him at all. If you needed a 4th running back, actually drop the back up TE, or the backup kicker, or defense. Honestly since lewis is the starting running back now in Cleveland, he is gonna get that carries.

    What's even better is that he is going to be the only main source there in cleveland. Honestly even though they did draft Quinn he probably isn't gonna throw much. They are gonna do more running than anything and he is gonna do so much better than he did last year.

    I would keep him and then try to drop one of those backups and manage to keep them both and pick up Bell from detroit also. Good luck

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    Get Bell. He'll be the marshal faulk equivalent of the 99 Rams.

    Why? Martz is the Off. Coord. Kitna is a better QB than Arena football league QB Warner. He's got a better, younger duo than the Rams of 99. Just like 99, they trade for a disgruntled RB. Bell is one of the fastest RBs in the NFL. He'll be used just like Faulk and there won't be 8 in the box like last year.

    NEVER use stats from last year to push your decision. You're playing this year not last year.

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    1 decade ago

    Get Jones

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