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Crys asked in Pregnancy & ParentingPregnancy · 1 decade ago

is this safe to eat?

ok i just bought some deli macaroni salad to be honest ive never bought it before i usually ate it at cookouts and stuff but never bought my own but ive been craving it LOL.

ive never eaten it pregnant. but is it ok to eat all i see on the label thats altlle worrysome is egg yolks is an ingredient in the mayo.

thanks i know sounds dumb but i gotta ask

thanks for the answers btw:)


eww dont mention fish i dont eat seafood or alot of meat only chicken and hamburger i gag at meat :( lol yea i know it spoils and i dont like it warm. lol

Update 2:

an egg can indeed hurt u want me to throw one and show u? LOL plus if undercook them yea they can make u very sick lol.

Update 3:

ok so its ok good like i said ive had it before just never read the label before and stupid ppl tell me mayo is a no no and im like what ive had that during pregnancy... but i just didnt know if there was something else in there BAD u know...

thanks guys

and im not gonna eat it all i eat small meals LOL.

Update 4:

sally: this deli is safe its a military deli its monitored very well and we had an inspection 4 days ago and everythings top quality. never had a problem with food there

Update 5:

hehe thanks everyone i have 4 weeks left (im 36wks)and cravings are killing me this time around my 1st pregnancy i didnt crave as much. plus now someone else can benefit from this question. and not look stupid LOL.

congrads to all the pregnant ladies that answered my silly question!!

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    9w pregnant with my third and I've learned everything in moderation is fine. You also said there was an inspection there 4 days ago and things were fine so it's probably fine. You don't like fish so no worries there. Deli meats & hot dogs you're supposed to stay away from because the nitrates (known to cause cancer) aren't good for the baby. Best of luck with your delivery and I hope you don't go past your due date!

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    I wouldn't eat it. Could get listeria, or other such things from deli prepared things.

    I worked at a deli in a major department/grocery store for a long time. We were suppose to check the internal temp of the food every hour... that never happened! I might happen once during my 8 hour shift... not the 8 it was suppose to. No one knew the better that we didn't do it. Not to mention we were suppose to check the sell by dates or shelf dates or display dates...whatever every morning and throw out the old stuff. Well if a customer came over when we were suppose to be doing that and we got side tracked... which happened often. It NEVER got done for the day. We would just forget. Plus you are suppose to always wear gloves when making or handling the food. Well I saw LOTS of time when it didn't happen.

    This wasn't in an icky town either, or an icky part of town. This was in the upper class part of town in a nice department/grocery store....not walmart.... So I'm sure this kinda thing happens everywhere...

    So don't eat it. Make it yourself if you want it.

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    It's sister in law ate it like three times a week for the first four months she was pregnant - personally I hate the stuff and would never eat it even if I had cravings for it but Jocelyn loved it and her boys came out just fine.

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    It's perfectly find to eat!

    The only things you want to avoid is tuna (eat no more than once a week due to mercury) hot dogs (up for debate, but it's b/c of the nitrates) and some will say deli meat only b/c it is more likely to have bacteria on it.

    Good luck!

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    the egg you're seeing in the ingredients is the egg that goes into mayo and i'm sure you've eaten a bunch alreadyin other foods and not thought about it.. also- eggs are pastuerized now for the most part. un-past ones tend to be the un-safe ones! good luck from one prego to another!

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    make sure it is directly from the refrigerator and cold when you eat it.. lysteria bacteria can be found at over 40 degrees so dont eat anything thats been left out .

  • 2Bme
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    1 decade ago's ok. I ate mayo, many other pregnant woman have eaten it too. Go for it and enjoy!!! Cravings can be fun! lol..just not over done. *wink*

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    It's fine to eat. Just watch out for artificial sweeteners, Tuna and Salmon (high mercury content)..CONGRATS!

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    Munga its perfectly safe give that baby what he/she want and enjoy

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    fine, just don't leave it out and eat it warm, it can spoil easily.

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