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Emotional cheating vs Physical cheating..the lesser of two evils?

So which is worse and why? Does physical cheating usually end up becoming emotional or vice versa? No, I am not thinking about cheating I am just curious as to what everyone thinks. Cheating is cheating and it is wrong but I am just curious...


Emotional cheating (for those of you that aren't sure) is when you turn to another person (not your spouse) for emotional support. Physical cheating is doing anything sexual with someone other then your partner.

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    My ex cheated on me. He says there was nothing sexual (which there probably wasn't because she was hundred of miles away), but to me it didn't matter.

    The time he was giving to "her", was taking away the time he should have been giving to ME.

    One is as bad as the other.

    And they usually go together anyway.

    One usually leads to the other, eventually.

    Cheating is cheating and there's nothing that can make it o.k.

    If you're cheating then you are also lying.

    And when you're lying then you're also sneaking around trying to find time to give to someone else the time you should be giving to your significant other.

    So now not only are you a cheater, but you're also a liar and a sneak.

    So now you can't be trusted at all.

    If you have nothing to hide, hide nothing.

    And if you have something to hide, then you're cheating.

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    emotional cheating is cheating but its the lesser of the two only cuz with emotions you can hide them sometimes and hopefully they will go away and physical cheating you are going to leave eveidence behind somewhere and people are going to know you are cheating....

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    cheating is cheating. there is no lesser of two evils because they are both evil.

    that is all there is to it

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    like you said, cheating is cheating, and they are both bad. they can both take a toll on a person emotionally, and can ruin a relationship

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    what do you mean by emotional cheating? cheating is cheating

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