Why is it safe tow alk through a poor white neighborhood, but not a poor black neighborhood?

Today I had the great opprotunity to visit SE Washington DC, to be exact a friend of mine's car broke down off of South Capital Street and MLK Blvd...and called me scared out of his mind...

When I got there there were 3 black guys harrassing him, asking him for money, you know the usual black intimidation tactics...lucky for me I'm a 6'6 270lbs white skin head (not the racist kind, just the it looks cool kind) so when I got out of my Chevy 4X4 with a Rebel Flag waving they all scattered....

But I got to thinking...If my friend would have broken down in a poor white neighborhood scattered with trailers/chained up dogs and broken down trucks...he would have felt comfortable, If a black man would have broke down in a poor white neighborhood I'm sure he would have had no problem walking up to a trailer and asking for help, without encountering a single "thug"....

My question....why are poor black people more prone to violence/unlawful behavior? I'm not being serious...opinions?


I grew up in a poor white neighborhood in rural alabama...I never heard a racist word spoke in my life until I moved to a northern city...

I even remember Jehova's Witnesses coming through our trailer park (black Jehovas Witnesses) and not only did none of our white trash, rebel flag waving residents say anything rude, I specifically remember all the adults inviting them to stay for a BBQ, and they did...they went and got their kids, we played with them, they adults ate barbeque and BS'd....noone cared what color they were...

In my opinion the only Racism that still exists is the hatred of white people by black people...THE END.

Update 2:

I truely do not understand what black americans have to be upset about...in the great scheme of things, look at where your ancestors are...in the most disease/famine/poverty stricken area in the world....

I guess if Africa is the "cradle of life" (where all life began) and those guys still havnt gotten their act together...why should African Americans be any diffrent?

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    On behalf of the guy who said he felt safer in Iraq than in DC, I FELT THE EXACT SAME WAY when I visited DC earlier this year. I saw some poor kid get his bicycle taken away from him and broken right in front of his face for no other reason than to be mean. I was asked for money at least twice every 15 minutes by people who were obviously not homeless, just trying to scare a white guy (which didn't work, but could have very well led to me getting mugged). DC residents seem to be unlawful/unevolved/lazy/underevolved people who take pride in the fact that they are the scum of the earth.

    At least in Iraq they were fighting and killing for something they believed in, as dumb as it seemed to us outsiders, they knew very well why they were killing each other. In DC, it just seems as if they are killing and being useless members of society for no other reason than they think it is cool....

    I'm never going back

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    I live in Washington DC and while yes it is the most ghetto place I have ever been in my entire life. (I actually felt safer in Iraq than I do lost in DC at night). I have seen plenty of white folks walking through the projects on their way from/to the metro...sure a few of them get mugged...but usually Blacks only kill other Blacks, so they fact that you are a white guy in ghetto actually makes its relativley safe for you...you may get mugged or harrassed...but you have a 87% higher chance of living than if you were a black guy in the same black neighborhood...strange eh?

    Now on the other hand....white people do not kill white people for no reason....so if you are a minority you may stand a little greater chance of being treated badly if you walk through a poor white neighborhood, but more than likely no one would really care....

    Sooo, my point is...poor black neighborhood are usually only dangerous to the people that live there, not the white guy who gets lost and accidently drives through....do you know why? Sad but true fact....

    The police do not care when blacks shoot blacks....they may not even respond....but let a black man kill a white man who accidently wanders into the ghetto...OMG that place will be swarmed in a matter of seconds...

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    What makes a poor white neighborhood any safer than poor black neighborhood? There are white gangs and white thugs as well as there are black gangs and black thugs. Most poor white people would act the same way if a black came up in their neighborhood as poor black people would act if a white person came up in their neighborhood. And it's not solely the white people or the black people that act this way, it's the IGNORANT black people and the IGNORANT white people. There's nothing else to it.

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    im not racist or anything I respect all races but that is really true and I don't think thats fair! because a white neighborhood should be as safe or dangerous as a black neighborhood.

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    I'd be cautious in ANY poor neighborhood. Poor black neighborhoods being unsafe is your perception, but it isn't entirely true.

    Honestly as a black female I wouldn't stop in a poor white neighborhood, esp not in the backwoods somewhere.

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      What you said makes you racist. Statistics show that backwoods hick towns have extremely low crime rates compared to affluent black neighborhoods. And poor black neighborhoods, forget about it.

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    um...black people get bad press in the media..like unfortunatly like 95% of the crimes blacks are put in jail for are commited against other blacks...i think the reason the guys were harassing ur friend was because he looked scared, and they were just taking advantage of it...if they really were serious about it all 3 of them would have most likely ganged up on u regardless of ur size..theirs strength in numbers

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    It's probably psychosomatic for your friend. Though if a city is in poverty, it will affect anyone since people tend to go to their primal instincts when they are desperate.

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    Poor white neighborhoods can be just as bad. You go in ANY poor neighborhood and there's a chance you're going to get mugged.

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    It depends on who you are. personally I wouldn't feel safe walking by myself down any neighborhood that is not my own.

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    How do you know he was uncomfortable....I'd be uncomfortable too if someone was trying to mug me...black, white, or green. Maybe it wasn't the fact that they were black , but the fact that they were mugging him....


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