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Arizona or New Mexico?

In your opinion which state is better to live in and why?

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    New Mexico is way more beautiful than AZ. Despite popular belief NM is not a huge desert. Northern NM is the foothills of the Rocky Mt's. Its very rugged and gorgeous. Also, as far as cultural aspects, NM is the better state. AZ is mostly a state full of ANY City, USA. It has some culture there but not the rich history of NM. Santa Fe and Taos alone have deep Spanish roots that go back to 1598 with the Spanish conquistadors. The Spanish culture still remains. You will see the oldest church and house in Santa Fe and the architecture that is like no other found in the USA. It is truly "the city different" and the Land of Enchantment. NM has every thing that AZ has but way way more. NM wins hands down. Oh and the haven't tried chili until you've had NM green or red. NM wins for sure.

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    Arizona! I was born and raised here. I lived in the beautiful mountains for most my life but now live in the desert. There is such a variety of beautiful places to go! Besides I have been to a lot of places in New Mexico (lived near the border) and the scenery isn't all that great! Sure there are some cool places but I'm partial to Arizona!

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    I've not lived in either, but took a trip through both earlier this month. New Mexico doesn't have a lot of pretty scenery - Arizona has a lot to look at along the roadsides, and there is also the Grand Canyon.

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    Arizona seems to have more of a scenery than New Mexico, Going up more north in Arizona is more beautiful, and not so desert like New Mexico.

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    Well, I live in Arizona, and I have to say New Mexico.

    Arizona is beautiful, but for my taste New Mexico has nicer people, is more tolerant, more forward looking, more cultural, and just more interesting in general than Arizona.

    And the clmiate is more varied...

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    Arizona, Because it has a better mix of cool temps (in the mountains) and hot temps (phoenix area). You will be able to live wherever you want in terms of climate and have several choices of locations. Not to get down on NM but their are far less choices for cool weather.

    Source(s): Lived there for 3 years
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    Arizona b/c you can always go and see the beautiful Grand Canyon.

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    thats where mi daddy is

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