Will he die?

My brother started smoking at the age of 13, and he hasn't stopped he is now 19 will he die in his 20's? The doctor said that he might.


But then again the doctor might have just been trying to scare him.

Update 2:

JamesKnight, you have point because my grandparents have smoked their whole life and are fine. My granddad is fit and healthy.

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    Of course he might die in his 20's.

    He might also die in his 30's.

    He might even die in his 90's.

    However, if he continues to smoke all that time, I'm sure his lifespan is not going to be through to his 90's. Usually smokers start running into trouble in their 50's and onwards. This can either be through heart disease, chronic airways disease (emphysema or bronchitis), or lung cancer - or at least these are the most common scenarios.

    There are smokers who continue into their 9th decade.

    There are likewise people who die in their 20's of unrelated causes.

    Given your brother's early start I would expect him to run into trouble earlier.

    A friend of mine just ditched a potential boyfriend who was a smoker. He was 30 and a pack/day smoker for a good 10 or more years now. He couldn't keep up with her for a daily walk let alone anything else, is what I heard.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi.I am a smoker.Im 52 and have copd.the precursor to cancer and strokes and heart attacks.I started due to peer pressure.It is very hard to quit,although I did once because of a serious accident many years ago.I was in hospital with multiple injuries and could not get off the bed.Now back to your brother.The same things I have wrong with my lungs will be your brothers future as well.Get him to read my letter.Back then alot of people smoked and there was no warning on packages of smokes.Better yet,take him to a cancer ward at any hospital and let him view the true horrors of what smoking does to the people in there.Shock treatment is a very good deterrant and will make him think twice about lighting up a smoke.SMOKING KILLS.when?that is your question,as long as he smokes there is a certain threat of him developing any number of smoking diseases.I hope he does quit and not suffer the fate of some of my friends.

    Source(s): personal exp.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Well yes he might, but it is very unlikely he will die from smoking related disease that young, even though he has been smoking for 6 years. Usually most smoking related illness such as lung cancer of emphysema takes more like 20 to 30 years to show up, on the average.

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  • It depends. Drugs effect people in different ways when it comes to dying or something. Though he might not die, just get cancer. His risk is way higher to get cancer because he started smoking at an age where your body is developing itself and it needed good things to help it grow and mature. Drugs can damage that a lot.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    only time will tell, as there are some people that have smoked their whole lives and die in their old age (meaning 60's or older)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Nobody can possibly know...obviously, smoking is not the wisest choice and bad for him. However, repeatedly telling him this will not make him quit, only he can do that. Don't stress yourself about your brother's poor choices. All you can do is live your own life positively.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If the doctor said he might there is a good chance.... sorry :(

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