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corruption damages religion?

AK Party which is islamic party in Turkey has done many corruptions. R.Tayyip Erdoğan is prime minister and leader of AK Party. Last election, he promised to eliminate corruption in Turkey. Turkish people trusted him because of his belief. so, he came to power since 2002. Nevetheless, he bought ship his son, and he appointed son in law, who is 25 years old, General Manager for a company he has increased his wealth up to now. now, Turkish people have again remembered Atatürk who brought secularism in constitution. Actually, he rescued religion from politics. because, nowadays people think how can he do corruption who always underlines morality, religion ?




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    corruption damages EVERY organization, be it religious, political, corporate...

    YES ALL religions of this world have had their FULL SHARE, and still continue to have a goodly share, of corrupt members, and / or leaders....

    The Book 'Apocalypse', or 'Revelation', is a book of God's revealing the things He is going to do to mankind on this Earth.

    In the Book of Revelation, before the battle of Armageddon, which is God's FINAL war against all evil, before the final battle there is depicted a WHORE, a harlot, who is committing fornication with all the kings of the earth. The harlot is called Babylon the Great, the mother of all disgusting things. She IS ALL FALSE RELIGION. The national groups will turn against her, and completely destroy her. This will be the end of the corrupt religions of this world, and even those calling on the name of Jesus, but are NOT DOING the things Jesus told us to do, will also meet their end.

    Read God's Word the Holy Scriptures Everyday.

    Jesus Christ is the only approach to the One True God, Jehovah.

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    Corruption is a cancer that keeps countries such as Turkey who should be a great nation in a state of semi-poverty. I understand what you are saying.

    There should be very very hard punishments for people who steal from the masses such as politicians.

    Good Luck.

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    how can corruption damages religion?

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