Who said : "The son-ship of Jesus Christ is the greatest fiction of human history" ?

"Christianity...[has become] the most perverted system that ever shone on man....Rogueries, absurdities and untruths were perpetrated upon the teachings of Jesus by a large band of dupes and importers led by Paul, the first great corrupter of the teaching of Jesus." --- Thomas Jefferson

“There is strong reason to believe that St. Paul fabricated the belief system of Christianity from Zoroastrian mythology. In order to hide Paul’s plaigerism… Christians burned the library of Alexandria in 390 A.D. Books in that library kept Mithra’s original story of what Pauline Doctrine is an almost exact copy. (George Sarton , Introduction to History of Sciences) ,

The Christian Trinity is a copy of the Pagan religion of Rome called Mithraism. Mithra was a half man half god who died for the sins of his followers. Guess what date the SUN god Mithra was born on ? - Thats right ...December 25th

The concept of God having a son is the basis of most Polytheistic religions and the exact opposite of the Abrahamic message of Monotheism. Your Lord is ONE – no partner, no Son , No God incarnate.

“The son-ship of Jesus Christ is the greatest fiction of human history.” (Lord Bishop of Canterbury Commission, the Spiritual Head of England, 1910.)

“The son-ship of Jesus Christ, the Trinity, the blood sacrifice of the lamb of God, atonement are not the teachings of Jesus. These are all inventions of Saint Paul who never really met Jesus.” (Hastings Rashdall, The Theory of Good and Evil)

“In the Christian world, you do not talk about God, when talking of god. Every Christian talks about his or her own conception of God “ (Nicholas Berdyeau, Destiny of Man.)

"The New Testament is mysteriously silent about Jesus between twelve and thirty years. I wonder what the Son of God had been doing on God's earth during that time ! " (Max Marshall, The Great Fiction)

“I counted 30,000 contradictions in the New Testament. (Dr. Maile, Confessions of a Sceptic)

"Initially there were 34 gospels that were compiled by word of mouth. Four were chosen for unclear reasons and 30 were left behind [burned]. (Encyclopedia Britannica)

"Jesus and his disciples spoke Aramaic but the gospels were written in Greek ! A man in Jerusalem wrote Messiah's Biography on hearsay. That is what the gospel is. (Martin Springler, A Quest for Truth)

“Few scholars can disagree that the fourth gospel was written by some nameless mystic between 95 to 125 C.E. “ (Dr. W.R. Inge, The Fall of Idols)

"All the gospels - Matthew, Luke and John openly contradict each other. ( Earnest Renan, Essay on Nationality)

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    you make it sound like there is no mafia, freemasonry, nationalism and so on. yet another person who makes it sound as if tommorrow- no religion, tomorrow- peace on earth. im pretty sure the porn industry people have halos the size of tire rims around their precious heads.

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    After spending the better part of thirty years studying the bible I must agree with you. However I will say this, Jesus may have taught some good teachings, but they were quotes from the old testament........ but Paul single handed destroyed any good Jesus accomplished. I have no doubt that Paul was the Anti- Christ. You can not base your religion on the "Old" Testament then destroy practically everything it taught.

    One last word of caution to all christians, "if you like your religion, do not study the bible to closely...you wont like what you find!"

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    THIS folks.. is a picture of Darkness manifested.

    Outside of us being BOrn of God to be sons of God in the LIGHT.. being transferred OUT Of the Kingdom of Darkness and INTO the Kingdom of The Son of God's Love .. WE HAVE NO HOPE...

    In Him( Jesus) was life.. and the life was the LIGHT of men .. and the Light SHINES in the darkness and the darkness DOES NOT overcome it!


    May the Lord unveil more eyes to see the glorious gospel of God and bring many to be BOrn of God to partake of the sonship provided through Jesus Christ our Big Brother and Lord..

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    youre just an anti-Christian, anti-theistic hate-monger. Get over it. Stop being so gay by trying so hard to undermine other peoples faith. You wont succeed and this world needs spiritual guidance anyway. Why are you so selfish and bigoted against religion? A few opinionated quotes doesnt constitute fact

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    God is one and only. He is absolute and eternal. He is not begotten nor He begets anyone. There is nothing like Him.

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    america's forefathers were Christians;

    the 'framers' were mason's;

    a satan worshipping group of retards....

    they gladly exchanged thier souls for wealth and power...

    HE has Risen

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    IF u dont want to believe u dont have to. It is your soul to lose or u can believe and be saved. I sincerely hope u will believe and be saved.

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    im not sure but its wrong ... many things have appearance of somthing but are incorrect. .. and there is a way which seems right to a man but the end of it is death ..

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    Haven't we already done all these on these boards?

    Can someone please come up with something new?

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