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Scheduled C-section Question?

okmy duedate is August 11th... i cannot give birth vaginally b/c i have a small narrow pelvis. with my 1st child i was 40wks and had some contractions and they stopped but my doc said its ok lets induce her shes 40wks. so after inducing me and 10 hours later only dialated to 2cm. then the baby went into fetal distress and i was given an emergency C-section.

ok so this next C-section is scheduled for August 6th (39wks 2 day) BUT i need to change this date to August 14th. (40wks 3 days) b/c it seems my hubby isnt coming home early from deployment he just called (hes in the navy) and i have no one to care for my 2yr old at all. (all friends and family are cross the USA)

my Doctor app is july 25th imma ask then but i was wondering has anyone else with a schduled C-section went in over 40wks? or do they not allow you to go over 40wks.... with a scheduled c-section?

thanks in advance kinda worried atm b/c im alone and the hospital already told me i cannot take my 2yr old with me.


i cant go into labor tho thats what is weird they had tried everything last time breaking my water everything i just cannnot dialate like a normal woman should and my doctor actually said i could go over 40wks no problem but i didnt know if i can with a scheduled c-section. i mean its my choice right?

Update 2:

YES ITS NARROW 8 doctors have said c-section.. all military doctors and last time with my 1st 12 docotrs all civilan. ok i have a RARE condition. i cant remember the name.

ok i feel bad i cannot give birth naturally u dont gotta make me feel worse. and yea i was induced and it was hell and contraction almost killed my daughter.

my question wasnt to be questioned it was a serious question on if i can go over my date or not. so please dont judge me.

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    What a difficult situation to be in. I also had scheduled c-sections with my children and they said they didn't want me to go over 40 weeks, because most people will go into labor before than anyway.

    I am an OB nurse and we generally don't let scheduled sections go much beyond 39 weeks. Although in your situation they may make an exception and you can just hope you don't go into labor.

    If you do go into labor and you have absolutely no one to watch your 2 year old I don't think the hospital has much choice, he'll have to be with you. We have had on occasion had siblings that had to stay with their moms when they is no one else.

    Good luck with everything.

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    Are you sure your body can't do it? I mean you were induce last time at 40 wks, correct? It's possible your body just wasn't ready to be induced, sometimes if your body isn't ready, no matter what you do to induce, it just isn't going to go into labor BUT that doesn't mean your body can't, it just may have needed more time. Are you sure your pelvis is narrow? did you get a second opinion on that? Did the OB did measurements of your pelvis? It's very rare for a women's body to not going into labor on it's own.

    As for the c-section, yes you can request a later date. It's your right. There's no medical reason why you can't, as long as you do a few non stress tests and baby's heartbeat is doing well and everything else is fine. Although I really wish you'd go in for a second opinion, maybe even consider a VBAC but I know that may be a lot for you to digest in this late of the game.

    Either way I wish you all the luck and congrats on your future addition to your family

    Source(s): student midwife
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