Do fish drink water...????

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    Fish mainly get their hydration fhrough osmosis. This is why aquarium salt is helpful with so many freshwater fish. The salt aids the osmotic absorption of the surrounding water. Your tank level drops because of evaporation.

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    No actually five is correct. Taking a few chemistry classes does help too Danielle. What five is saying is the osmosis created because of Aquarium salt, not salt as you think he was saying, allows fish to absorb water easier. Perhaps you don't understand osmosis, which is movement of chemicals or compounds from an area of higher concentration to a lower concentration. Aquarium salt creates an electrolytic solution in the water which allows for an easier passage of essential elements such as oxygen, potassium, calcium ect.. things you put back into the biosphere of an aqaurium via water changes, that have no other way of being replenshed like it does in nature.

    Fish wouldn't "drink" water in the same manner we do, but five is on the right track in that they absorb it through the gill membranes and extract the needed oxygen. The aquarium salt howver does not cause the evaporation. Aquarium salt is made from evaportated sea water and the main function is to improve the electrolyte conditions in the water, which among other things assists fish in obtaining the oxygen and as well as maintain a healthy nervous system.


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    Pretty much Kerri is right. fish absorb water via osmosis.

    Unfortunately the first poster is incorrect. Adding salt to a fresh water fish does not allow the absorbtion of water intot the fish's organs. It cloggs the fish's ability to expell excess water leading to things like bloat, constapation and swim bladder.

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    lol i like the above answer.

    the water evaporates, thats why theres less in the tank.

    but yes, fish do "drink water"..

    fish absorb water through food sources, gills, and skin (osmosis).

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    Pretty much yep

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    Do you drink air?

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