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Y&R Fans: Can someone give me a good summary of yesterday's episode (7/13)?

It was my birthday and I missed it! I really want to know what happened to Kevin and Jana.

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    Ok umm... lets see... Kevin had a gun to Janas head while Michael Daniel and Colleen try to talk him out of shooting her every time Jana says something it makes Kevin more angry. Finally Micheal persuades Kevin to put the gun down and call the police, kevin then calls michael even though he is standing right there as a call to his lawyer...Michael and daniel leave while colleen stays...Maggie comes barging in with a police squad to take Jana away and michael comes in like he just heard what happened...Colleen asks for permisssion to take Kevin to the hospital and it is the hospital kevin is sitting in the waiting room and jana comes in on a stretcher..another siezure...kevin screams she's faking it but they tell him to calm down.

    Next Story... NIck moves in with Phylis and they play video games and stuff...nick tells phylis that he doesn't want to sleep in the same be with her...right as they are about to go to the stables to ride horse michael knocks on the door phylis's case is moving forward because Paul's daughter that know one knew about from chicago is replacing william as the new assistant da..nick procedes to the stables as michael frantically talks to phylis and phylis scolds michael for ruining what could have been a romantic recap for nick(doubtful)

    At the bar Logan is on the phone her apartment is being made into a condo and she has to buy it or move out...her cell batery dies and she asks the bartender to use the phone..the bartender leaves and cane comes up and asks for a coldy(a beer) and logan pours him one incorrectly so he comes back and pours him one himself then she asks to buy him a beer and they can logan and cain sit down and talk for a while about the outdoors and things like that..(kind of intimate)

    You can catch the episode on cbs's website or on soap network tonight they are playing all of this weeks episodes

    I really hope this helped

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    Go to Under daily updates, click on Young and the Restless. It goes into more detail than any other site.

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    You can go to there site an get all the info . Being on line in Questions and Answers I'am assuming you have yur own computer , where as you can go to there site and click on-line

    then you will be able to watch it .

    Its nice being on line

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    You can watch it (and past episodes) here:

    (PS: happy birthday!)

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