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what is tepid water?

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    Tepid water is a mixture of two parts cold water to one part boiling water and is frequently used in breadmaking.

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    Tepid Definition

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    Luke warm same as testing for baby bottle. Extend your arm in front of your with your hand upward. The fleshy part of your under side arm between your wrist & elbow is the spot you will be aiming. Take a couple of drops of water & drip on that spot. If you did not feel a temperature (warm or cold), it is a tepid temperature.

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    tepid water is when its not to cold and not to hot luke warm

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    That would be water that is close to the body temperature.

    Say around 95 degrees, or may be between 80 & 100 degrees.

    Not hot & not cold.

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    Room temperature water. neither hot nor cold.

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    tepid water is not hot, it is not warm, it is slightly less than warm, but not cold...

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    not to cold not to hot

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    Luke warm. But I don't know Luke personally.

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