Do Wiccans realize that their religion is essentially a hoax?

This two-faced "religion" has been the apparent source of wirchcraft, so they can feel big and powerful around the gullible. But when pressed, they revert to the image of friendly, vacuous, innocuous, pagan/agrarian hippie-like people. But do they realize now, that there is no record of this "religion" before 1920? Do they know it was initially popularized by one guy in 1954. It was fake. It was not based on any ancient philosophy or religion.

But then, don't feel bad. In that respect it is no different from Scientology. In fact, that might even be true of Christianity. So what do you do and how do you feel when you discover this fact?


Oh, I meant to add: Check Wiki for Wicca.

Update 2:

V dezzed, I did get my information from Wikipedia. Did *you* read the article? But anyway, in response to the embarrassing revelation, someone will concoct some phony documentation of the ancient religion, cult, philosophy, way of life, or whatever you want to call it. Just like they do for other insupportable belief systems.

Update 3:

Ahh, "Grow up." What a great response to an embarrassing debunking! Now somebody say, "Get a life," and "Chill out."

Update 4:

No, Wicca isn't an offshoot of anything. It is completely contrived. And I would like a reference to the text where Caesar allegedly told someone this. It must be reported to Wikipedia immediately. But I suspect that is just an ad hoc claim like I mentioned above. In the absence of a reference, no more valid than your typical urban legend.

Update 5:

But furious blue, what they do try to do is hide behind an appearance of innocence while *knowing* that the superstitious and gullible will fear them because of their witchcraft. It is this suggested fear and implied intimidation that I object to, and the euphemistic hypocrisy they use to avoid criticism for it. They're still afraid that crazy Christians might burn them at the stake so they like to play it both ways. They complain that they are not understood, but the implied threat is intended. They like that feeling of power over other people. Despite their big show of innocence, I believe they want people to fear them.

Update 6:

I don't know that hoax would be the right word for some religions. I believe some mey be the result of intentional spiritual enlightenment. Spirituality in all sincerity. But I would not dispute the point that most religions began as the result of a hoax or misunderstanding.

Update 7:

Much is being made here about how long a religion has been in existence. Even though a religion may have had dubious origins, time allows it to grow and become mainstream; a "major" religion. I was just amused that these people believed they were reviving an ancient philosophy called Wicca, and it was just concocted recently. Wikipedia has strongly suggested this because there is NO evidence of Wiccan antiquity.

Update 8:

Spike, by "debunk" I meant that the believed origin of the religion (or "way of life"), has been shown to be false. This was a concoction of the 20th century and people who think they are witches adopt the "religion" because they think it has ancient roots which they share with witches of old. It doesn't. There's no such thing as a witch who can perform supernatural feats, anyway. But there are people who think they can. I thought it was funny that their attempt at historical legitimization was a flop.

Update 9:

Solar Indigo, very scholarly answer. Thank you. It appeared to me that the framework and structure of Wicca turned out to be of straw and gum, with no foundation at all. Unlike all the other religions except for maybe voodoo, it seems to have been invented in an attempt to give legitimacy to people who claim they have supernatural abilities.

Update 10:

yourmomisaviolationnotice? What does *that* mean? Anyway, it's odd that you would call me ignorant when you just agreed with me.

Update 11:

The reason it's starting date being in the 50s is significant, is because I believe self-proclaimed witches latched on to it thinking it had ancient origins. There seems to be no record of it. So their modern day attempt to borrow from the supernatural power, legend, and authority of witches throughout history, just failed. The history of Wicca was a phony as they are. Here is where they claim it's only a nice, harmless way of life and try to hide behind that image, when the real objective is to make gullible people afraid of them because of their presumed supernatural abilities.

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    If you really think like that, you need to read up a bit more on it. Because you obviously have no idea what you are saying.

    I recommend Wikipedia. Wicca is more of a way of life than a "religion", what's so wrong with it? Its not like they're are doing anything wrong. Unlike these so called religions that start so much chaos.

  • 1 decade ago

    There's a radical difference between "hoax" and "new". The latter, any well-trained Wiccan will tell you - the former, not so much.

    Gerald B Gardner created Wicca around the 1950s, though there's some evidence of some organizations that could arguably be "proto-Wicca" as far back as the 1910s. Anything further back than that, like some of the esoterica organization of the 1800s, was more source material than direct connection.

    It does draw from ancient religious materials, but it's hardly an unbroken continuation of any particular religion. While there's some people that still cling to the mistaken belief that it's an ancient religion, they are merely a misinformed minority.

    That said, the age is irrelevant. Every religion had it's starting point - it's about revelation and interaction with the Divine, not about how long its lineage is. If a religion's got a lineage, that's certainly great, but just because a religion is the "new kid" doesn't mean anything.

  • Joa5
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    1 decade ago

    First of all, anyone using Wikipedia as a definitive source of facts is an idiot. Anyone can join Wiki and pull "facts" out of their you-know-what.

    There's an on-going debate as to who started Wicca: Gerald Gardner or Aleister Crowley. No one really knows. The fact of the matter is, Wicca is a contrived religion - just like every other religion out there. So what if Wicca was started in the 1950's? Why does that make any more or less valid? Ancient religions had to start off somewhere, too.

    Unfortunately Wicca, like any other religion or group, has become a huge clique and popularity contest. It's no better or worse than anything else. I had to find that out the hard way:

    There's a popular Wiccan "learning order" where I live - that will remain nameless. They try to pass themselves off as a learning order, but they're really a coven. I tried to get involved with them because my husband was involved. However, I was "turned away" because I was too open-minded. I didn't want to be initiated (which they say isn't necessary. Yeah right!) and exclusive to them. So I was treated like crap. They pretend they're full of love, but it's just a facade. If you don't agree with them on most topics and if you're not like them, you're nothing.

    But moving on ... Wicca is not the source of witchcraft, and Wicca isn't the only religion that practices witchcraft. Witchcraft, spell work, magic(k), etc . has been around for ages and ages. It's something everyone does everyday. Witchcraft, in it's simplest form, is power of thought.

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    Pretty much all religions have some false or unfounded beliefs. Yes, from Christianity to Buddhism to Wicca. I think most intelligent people will understand that religious history is to be taken with a grain of salt.

    But whatever works for people, you know? Why would you care if they're not harming anyone? And just because the neopagan movement is fairly new, doesn't mean it doesn't work for them nor does it mean that it shouldn't be counted as a religion. It is based on very old pagan beliefs even though some practices are newer.

    EDIT: You didn't debunk ANYONE. What kind of evidence did you provide that debunked the religion. There's no evidence that the religion doesn't work. I don't care if a religion is a week old, if it works for someone, so what? Religion is 100% man-made no matter what religion it is.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Why don't you take all your garbage and stick it up your ***! >:-(. Just reading your crap pisses me off. Wicca is real, the only thing religious that is a hoax is Satan. Which was realized five years ago. Did you know the greeks and romans were pagan ,some people practice witchcraft back then, which was before christianity. Did you know wiki pedia articles are made by the person and not the site itself. Wicca is one of the oldest religions in the world, It was passed down from shamanism, which was practiced since the Stone age. cavemen painted animals on the walls thinking it was some kind of God. Egyptians used magick, There is plenty of records before that time.

    The only hoax around here is Satan. There were no information describing the orgin of Satan, where he came from, that was not from any religious scripture.

    You did a great job, finding all these sources, did you realize that you are officially a dumbass?

    What i feel, You're an Idiot

  • Kharm
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    1 decade ago

    Wicca is only from the 50s. That doesn't change anything. The age of a religion does not make its validity. All religions are started at some point, by somebody. And it is based on philosophies from a variety of sources.

    Witchcraft is far older and based on ancient shamanistic beliefs. There can be witches without Wicca. There have been before, there are now, and there will be in the future.

    edit: It's ridiculous to think they'd want someone to fear them. If they wanted that, they'd probably go into Satanism. Christians fear that more than Wicca. Honestly, do you think that if they really wanted people to fear them, they would so desperately hide who they are?

  • 1 decade ago

    The term Wicca was originated by the gentleman, and how do you know that it didn't exist since it is passed down by word of mouth due to the hypocrites of the Christian belIEfs who either converted or burned them. I converted to "Wicca" because I believe that the Deity is neither male nor female, but both and Deity has many facets. I also believe that anyone can reach Deity no mater their beliefs because Deity loves us all equally. And as long as we believe and follow a true path (ie: harm none, help others, do what is right, etc.) Then we will gain our union with Deity. I am also an herbal healer which is a part of what I believe in. Christianity started with Christ. Judaism started with whom ever they believed in... The nature religions were long before either. Though they really didn't have an official name back then. When the religions began to organize is when the wars started and the "Witches" were prosecuted. How does that make you feel?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    and then again all religions are. But you know humans don't need verified facts for a religion just something that makes a reasonnable attempt at the typical ethno-centric questions like: what is our purpose ? can I make sense of it all ?

    The true answer of course is that we are illusions to ourselves altough we exists physically. When you utter a sentence or say a word it is assuming you are looking at the universe from your point of view but that's an illusion, we are not separate from it. People will think I am nuts at saying this but one day it will be proven that even life is an illusion. The universe is continuous we cannot separate ourselves from it either by thinking nor physically. Try answer this simple question : What is part of us and what is not ? You think the earth is not part of your body ?? try leaving on the moon is your body is missing something there ? Do you think the sea is not part of your body ? there would be no plants without precipitations and water. Do you think the sun... The universe does exist but we are a spiritual illusion. that is the plain truth. You tell me how do you explain that you are talking if you were an illusion. My answer is once you are in the illusion everything becomes "make belief" including your own sense of "me" or "I". Interestingly when you are conceived you are not yet in that illusion but as the foetus grows it start to physically be built to "support" that illusion. That is the secret of life as we call it. There is nothing "magical" about "being a living thing". Our bodies becomes the support for that illusion that is basically what the conscious being is. Then from the matter itself a paradox emerges were an illusion starts feeding of itself that the continuity of time,space and matter is broken at the interface of the "Thinking being" and the universe. The architecture of life is all made possible by one thing : scale. By scale hear me as scale of time, scale of distance, scale of mass, scales of energy. This multi-dimensional universe allows any variety of scale. We live in one of them and it part of the illusion is to think that it is the only one. The bottom line is we are forced to live in that illusion the "we" and that illusion is the same thing. Yet we are ruled by the law of the universe. So let's keep fooling ourselves because anyhow we don't have the choice not too anyway but keep in mind. -- ------ ---- --- The previous is the unwritable sentence of truth it is not accessible to us illusions. What makes the illusion stronger makes us happier. That is why we don't like death. But then again death too is an illusion. Beware this is more chilly than it seems. The illusion is cuddly and warm. So we are condemned to be assuming an impossibility or you may say blessed to see the possibilities of an illusion.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I may be incorrect but isn't the "wiccan religon" just basically worshiping mother nature? and "witches" were burned at the stake way back in salem, MA alot longer then 1920... and by the crusades before that.. not a witch but It looks like they have a bit more evidence for thier religon then say christianity.. and last time I checked witches have not been traveling the globe killing people in the name of thier religon.. also something being ancient doesn't mean its right.. we did think the world was flat before you know.. recent days technology allows us to see the truth on things a little more clearly.. and believe me .. that scares the church.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Same thing as, do Christians realize that THEIR religion and beliefs is a hoax?

    There is no god.

    Jesus may have exsisted, but he had no connection with anyone and he probably just fooled people into believing that there is a god.

    It's foolish how people think that their "god" will protect them.

    They are only imagining it.

    Haha, so before you start saying stuff like that about their religion, think of the other foolish religions that are even more foolish!

    Oh, and I'm not a Wiccan, I'm an Athiest as you can tell.

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