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Do Australians regret joining AFC cup?

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    I agree with apexworn. The Socceroos wanted to get to play better teams and The AFC Cup provided just that. I always felt that they run in the World Cup was a fluke and they where not as good as they thought they were and they were hyped way too much as a favorite.

    Having said that, they still have a chance to advance to the quarter-finals so all is not lost.

    But this have been a great tournament.

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    I don't think Australia joined the Asian Confederation to get an easier path to the World Cup. They joined it so that they can play more competitive games in competitive tournaments, the Asian Cup for instance. This way, in the long run, they will have more experience whenever they face bigger, tougher opponents from Europe or South America. That's the reason why Israel left the Asian region to join the European Confed. and as a result, they are now a much better team having played against some of Europe's big guns.

    There would have been no point for Australia to stay in Oceania even if they could qualify for every World Cup because they'd just get humiliated in the tournament-proper due to the lack of quality opponents and matches in the region. It's better that Australia stumble in the Asian Cup than in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers.

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    Australia probably thought joining Asia will give them an easier route to the WC finals and also some silverware in the AFC cup. I guess they didn't take into account the humidity of the region. Let's see if they try to weasel out of this and try to join Oceania again



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    I think it might be a little help for them to qualify for world cup but struggling to adapt the wide range of climate zone and of course the current AFC held in SEA, where it's highly humid compare to Aus....

    They wouldn't feel regret about one unsuccessful campaign...

    What they can do is try to improve they ability and prepare for different climate and to have a good mental strength...

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    How many games have they won if they loose too many they

    will not want to be in the league right

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    like they are gonna win

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