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do u think david beckham worth $1million a week? why?

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    His guaranteed salary is only $5.5 million a year. The rest of the $50 million per year is not guaranteed and will come from endorsements, merchandise sales, ticket sales, and other sources. But, anyway, is he worth it? If you ask the owners of Real Madrid, Beckham's old club, they will say yes.

    This article says: Real marketing director Jose Sanchez told The Sun: "In four years that Beckham played in Madrid we have generated more than $600 million in marketing and commercial activities. In that time, profits from merchandising increased by 137 percent. And these figures do not take into account the $230 million prize money for winning the [2006-07] Spanish title."

    LA Galaxy is already generating a huge increase in ticket sales and jersey sales. This article says "The club has sold out all 42 of Home Depot’s luxury suites and Leiweke predicted Beckham will help the Galaxy develop a "$100-million revenue stream" within five years. Adidas has already received orders for 250,000 No. 23 Galaxy jerseys with Beckham receiving a cut of each sale."

    Yes, he is worth it. Ask Real Madrid. Ask LA Galaxy. Ask the other MLS teams who are selling more multiple-game packages because it includes a game where Beckham is expected to play,

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    no hes not. the only reason he was brought here was to try to bring more popularity to soccer(not football) in america. and im sorry but thats not going to happen. he was paid a ton of money to come over here and play but the excitement will wear off. ppl will be interested to see what happens for a little while but then will not care anymore. they'll go back to watching baseball and football and golf and nascar or whatever. soccer will have about as much popularity in the u.s. as the wnba or the xfl. beckhams a poster boy and thats it. he shoulda stayed in europe where soccer is more popular so that at least his "talent" would be better recieved and put to better use. whats next? bring over ronhaldino? i give it a year max before it all wears off.

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    No! I really don't know why he even became so famous. There are better players than him, I guess it's because he's married to Victoria. THE HUNKY SOCCER STAR AND THE SPICE GIRL!

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    No one is worth that kind of money, regardless of what they do...

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    We are all worth whatever we negotiate for.

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    He has to be. Otherwise, why would someone give it to him?

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