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girlfriend wants space...?

if your girlfriend wants space... so you give her space.

you talk to her about it a couple days later.. she says she found someone new. what do you do about that?

or is there anything?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I know that's harsh (really sorrry man) but its GOOD for you because you need to MOVE ON to a girl who IS.

    Wondering and worrying about WHY or WHY NOT is NOT worth your time. Finding a girl who is WORTH YOUR TIME is WAY better for you . . . and MORE FUN TOO.

    "I need time, I need space" is ALWAYS woman speak for -->> "I dont feel attraction for you".

    And what does that mean?? That you could have done things DIFFERENTLY.

    The number one thing that women DO NOT find ATTRACTIVE is -->> SIGNS OF WEAKNESS.

    If you showed SIGNS OF WEAKNESS, then you KNOW what you must do differently from now on.

    Sometimes men will even start realtionships off VERY STRONG and everythuing is going great . . . but women have a way of TRYING to bring out your WEAKNESSES.


    Do not contact her again under any circumstances.

    If she contacts YOU . . . say "You are calling for more therapy?? Sorry, no can do. Gotta hit the gym for a hot date Friday". . . . . and say goodbye.

    The key word in there is "therapy". You are telling her you think she needs HELP for letting a good guy go . . . and since she needed "space" to "figure things out", she probably DOES need "help". Let the NEXT guy HELP her. You have BETTER THINGS TO DO.

    WHATEVER YOU DO . . DONT BE A WUSSY WHO WANTS HER BACK. That's WEAKNESS. Keep your eye on the signs of WEAKNESS . . . . ALWAYS.

    Even when you are deep in a relationship.

    Now , dust yourself off and go and find yourself a girl who is worth your TIME. Because she is NOT. That much you KNOW.



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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    She didnt how to tell you that she didnt want you in her life.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, leave it be, it wasn't meant. She isn't in love with you anymore.

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