Investment tips for 15 yr old with $800?

Ok. I am 15, and I would like to invest $800 US dollars in....I'm not sure, so that's why I'm asking. It's not like I only have $800. It is half of my available cash, and I would like to experiment with it. I would basically like that $800 to become several thousand dollars or, if possible, in the range of $20,000-$80,000 by then end of 4 years or so. I just finished my freshman year in high school with a 4.5 gpa, so I am fine with my studies. I am also a track athlete, and I do donate money to the poor every year (It actually goes directly to the poor, not to transportation of food, medicine, etc. by the American Red Cross, National Guard or whatever, so don't get on my case about donating please). Any financial investment suggestions? Thanks in advance.


When I say experiment, I don't want to give the impression that I don't care for that money. I would not like to lose it.

Update 2:

Is it my fault I want to be rich before I actually start working? Just because someone is smart doesn't mean that person is a "nerd." If I am a nerd, then, hey, all the girls like nerds like me when I run =).

Update 3:

Keep in mind that I won't have any time to manage stocks because of my hectic school schedule. I was hoping I could just put the money in something, and I get 5%-10% interest every month in return?

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    How long could you let this ride? (you know that the goal of $20k to $80k in 4 years is not reasonable at all).

    Do you also know that many US brokerages, such as Etrade ( require you to be 18 to open a brokerage account?

    So what you can do is ask your parents to open an account for you. One example is a Custodial account:

    Your parents will control the account until you turn 18 or 21.

    However, maybe you can tell your parents to invest for you.

    In general, since you are young, you can take a lot more risk. So you can invest in a single stock (but not a penny stock!!) or an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) such as "EEM", which represents the International Emerging Markets such as Taiwan, Korea, China, Mexico, Brazil, India, Russia.

    Learn more about investments. You can start reading books such as "Investing for Dummies" by Eric Tyson.

    Ideally, get your parents involved. You can research stocks together. A good stock to research would be stocks you already know. Do you like McDonalds? maybe you can invest in "MCD". Do you like Games? Then consider Gamestop (GME). Of course, don't just buy it because you use the product. This is just a starting point. Research the stock!

    Since you don't have that much money, just invest in one stock (or ETF) and just see how it goes up and down, and how what you do (for example, buy more Big macs) affects the companies bottom line.

    Also, watch "Mad Money" on CNBC hosted by former hedge fund manager Jim Cramer. Lots of those in Generation Y like him. He may sound a bit crazy on the show, but in reality, he as a very good hedge fund manager before he did the Mad Money show.

    Good luck!

    (realistic market return: 10% per year over a long time. Of course, you can lose 40% in a year, or gain 40% of a year. If you hold an individual stock, the stock will be more volatile. Don't be surprised if you go on a rollercoaster ride.)

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    U certainly have time on your side. I suggest investing prudently to harness the power of compounding. Do take note that investing can be risky when you dont understand it, hence take time to learn.

    Good luck.

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    try finding a high ranked company and see if u can invest in that!! i hope i helped!!!

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    go buy some more books you nerd

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