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How did officials find out sammy sosa used a corked bat?

did his bat break to reveal the bat or did the ump just pick it up and realize its lighter?

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    His bat broke and cork was all over the field.

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    In 2003, Sosa was ejected from a against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the first inning when umpires discovered he had been using a corked bat. Major League Baseball confiscated and tested 76 of Sosa's other bats after his ejection; all were found to be clean, with no cork. Five bats he had sent to the Hall of Fame in past years were also tested, and were all clean as well. Sosa stated that he had accidentally used the corked bat, which he claimed he only used during batting practice and home run contests. Sosa was suspended for eight games. However, the suspension was reduced to seven games after appeal.

    There is also a recent story out that someone in the commissioner's office called the Cubs and warned them an inspector was on the way, and that they should discard all corked bats. In the same story they said over 100 corked bats were discarded by various Cub players including Sammy Sosa.

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    The bat shattered when he made contact with the ball. The bat was in about 3 or 4 pieces and someone pointed out the cork in the bat. Sosa's story was that he only used the bat during batting practice but he must had picked it up by mistake.

    But the MLB did examine all of Sosa other 100+ bats and did not find other corked bat among them.

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    His bat did break during an at-bat and spilled cork all over the field. I remember it well.

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    He hit a ground ball and as the umpire picked up the bat he saw the cork

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    He broke his bat when he was hitting. The opposing team asked the umpire to check it, and he was ejected (and eventually suspended) for using a corked bet.

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    It happened May 9th and Denny Neagle threw him a splitter low and inside and the bat broke

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    It shattered during a regular season game. Go to YouTube, I'll bet it's on there. The look on his face going into the dugout was priceless...his disappearance act immediately afterwards was also priceless.

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    the bat broke on a groundout and the catcher picked it up and showed it to the ref.

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    Because he hit 60+ homers a few times.

    He must have bought the bat from the same guy he gets his "cold" medicine from.

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