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feral cat shelter in Indianapolis, IN?

a shelter for unwanted cats that try to find homes for them. In the Indianapolis, IN area.

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    I don't live in that area, but if you will go online & look for Alley Cat Allies, you could contact them & they can probably refer you to something in Indianapolis - many feral rescue groups have an association with Alley Cat Allies. I volunteer with a group locally in my area, but we do not have a shelter - our animals are maintained in colonies by volunteer feeders, or ferals that are a bit tamer or kittens are often fostered by volunteers until an adoptive home is found. You may also want to try on your own to find the kitties a home, because I'll be honest, it isn't easy to find feral cats homes & most shelters will euthanize them, & I doubt there are many feral shelters. I think there is also a feral shelter that sometimes takes cats at Best Friends Animal Rescue in Angel Canyon, Utah, if you could arrange to get them there. A home in a rural area or an outside home in a relatively cat safe, low-traffic neighborhood would probably be best. Network with those you know & it might lead you to a home; sometimes a person you tell about the cats may not want them, but might know of a suitable home. Be sure not to disclose the location of the cats, for their safety, until you check out the potential adopter. If they go to a barn home, be sure people wanting them would actually feed & water them as some folks think they can just live off what they catch & that's not adequate.If finding a home for a feral cat/cats - they really need to be kept inside for about a month in a barn or other shelter, so they will bond with the cat feeder, & not run away - its hard to relocate them successfully because many people won't make the effort to contain them until they settle in - if you just take them to a new place & leave them there, they tend to just run & you never see them again, so containing them for a month or so is very important. Good Luck. Also, if the kitties are living around your home & you like them & you can afford to feed them & its not a terribly unsafe neighborhood, check into feral programs & try to find a free or low-cost spay/neuter clinic & just keep them - just try to provide some sort of shelter. Even doghouses or rubbermaid storage containers lwith a small doorhole cut into them that are lined with straw can be a shelter. They often manage amazingly well as long as they have daily food, water & some shelter or woods to hide or live in. Good luck!

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