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CJ asked in Business & FinanceCredit · 1 decade ago

bad credit loans if its possible how and were?

they say you can get a personal loan no matter what your credit is, if so then who can testfi and what company did they use because its all over the internet that you can I dont know anyone that has got a personal loan with bad credit prove me wrong tell your story and were.

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    1 decade ago
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    Well, frankly, if your credit is really, really bad, you're going to have a harder time looking. There are people who ask silly questions like, "I don't have a job of a bank account and bad credit, where can I go?" That's just not logical or reasonable. Other than that, you can get a loan. It's going to take longer to find, and, or course, cost you more, but if you can show that you can pay it back, there's always hope.

    There are plenty of places that offer quick loans for people with bad credit with no-hassle applications and easy requirements.

    Some of these lenders even offer 1 minute approvals, and have both secured and unsecured loans, depending on your need and situation. Check the page listed below, it has information and bad credit lenders listed off and on.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Surprise surprise, not only low credit loans but how about unemployed loans. Yes its true. Providers will supply a loan based upon your circumstances. If you have money coming in then they will lend, for example, payday loans. Lets take it one step further than just loans, how about credit cards. Yes anyone, and I mean anyone can get a credit card, just need to know where to look. I make a living out of debt management strategies, just look at my profile, but the secret is when a loan is sourced that a sound debt management practice be utilized.

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