how long after it's release date can a movie be viewed in a theatre?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Okay, sooooo, I'm actually not positive about this, but I always thought that "release date" meant the exact same thing as the date the movie "begins being viewed (shown) in the theaters".

  • 1 decade ago

    A lot of what determines a movies length of time in the theaters has to with its distribution deal which sets how many theaters it will initially be released in. The more theaters it starts in, the longer it will most likely run. Next, there are a few other criteria that all weigh pretty equally on how long a movie lasts in the theater, such as the overall number of movies playing during its run(it a theater has less to choose from, movies tend to stay in the theater longer) box office gross(if a movie is doing well and only has a reasonable decline in figures from week to week, it is more likely to remain in theaters) upcoming movies scheduled for release(if there are a lot of new movies slated to come out in upcoming weeks, then theaters are more likely to go with what is new and fresh, again unless the film is making money). These are the main factors that figure in to determining how long a movie lasts in the theaters, however, you can usually catch movies in other second hand theaters that will play the movies with cheaper tickets prices, but with a lower sound and visual quality level.

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    2 months

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    Depends on how much monery it is grossing and if it is drawing crowds weeks after it is released.

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